Thursday, 8 March 2012

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

It was a girl's day out at Jurong Bird Park sometime in 2010.

With me are my solid friends from Centro Escolar University, College of Dentistry.

Kyla tagged along with us and she played as our entertainer. :)

If you plan to visit the place, be sure to catch the Birds n Buddies Show, Kings of the Sky Show, and Lunch with Parrots. Try to allocate one whole day so that you will not miss any of the park's attractions. BTW, there's a new Birdz of Play your kids will surely love. 

Opened in 1971, Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird park in the world, offering a 20.2-hectare hillside haven for 5,000 birds representing 380 species. Its Heliconia Repository, with 108 heliconia species and cultivars in its collection, is one of the largest in the region. With key attractions such as the Bird Discovery Centre, African Waterfall Aviary, Lory Loft Aviary, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary and the award-winning African Wetlands, the Bird Park attracted close to 900,000 visitors in 2009. ~SOURCE



  1. What a cool place to visit! the birds are beautiful.

  2. Oh those birds are so pretty, and what a place to have fun, Cher!

  3. You have a huge crowd of friends in the last picture.


  4. What a lovely birds park and it looks like a delightful outing with friends and family!! Beautiful captures for the day, Cher!


  5. Aww...the birds are beautiful (and so are the people!)

  6. Beautiful park. Looks like a fun time there.

  7. It looks like a beautiful nature park with plenty to see and do..It looks like you all had a wonderful time....Michelle

  8. Nature parks are great places to learn about birds and animals.

  9. largest bird park in the world!!
    fantastic place
    love your group shots