Follow Your Dreams

Meet Kim, eldest daughter of my eldest sister

and Kaye, eldest daughter of my second sister.

They are my parents' first two grandchildren, hence the favorites.  I remember taking care of them when they were still babies. Now, they both belong to the Neo-Centennial Graduates of the Royal and Pontifical Catholic University in the Philippines, the University of Santo Thomas. Geeez, I'm feeling old. LOL! 

Kim was a constant consistent dean's lister and Kaye was a scholar. They both did pretty well in their respective fields of study. I am one proud Tita (read: AUNT but I am definitely not an Auntie in a Singaporean context, LOL!). I meant to surprise them with flights to Singapore as a graduation gift but they seem not ready to spread their wings just yet. Perhaps, they still want to savor what they have worked hard for with their respective families back home. 

I wish I will be there on their graduation day. I imagine myself feeling nostalgic as they go up the stage to receive their diplomas. During my time, (do I sound really old now? LOL!) I felt a sudden rush of mixed emotions. I was happy because after 6 long years of studying hard, I finally reap the fruit of my toils. On the other hand, I felt sad because Papa was not there. I knew in my heart, he was smiling down at me from heaven but I still missed his presence. Since childhood, I witnessed how Papa and Mama value the importance of education. It is the reason why they did their best to send all their children to college (FYI: there are seven of us) with their meager income as government teachers. Papa always tell us that he can die happily after seeing all of us earn our respective degrees. Before he passed away (I am trying hard to hold back my tears now), he made sure I'm going to be fine. We had this heart to heart conversation a few days before his tragic car accident that went like this: 

Papa: "So what are your plans after your graduation next year?"
Me: "Pa, I will take the board exam right away and I am planning to work abroad just like Ate Grace." 
Papa: Satisfied with my answer, he smiled and said: "Good to hear that. Follow your dreams."

Note to Kim and Kaye: Follow your dreams. Papa Ernest is one proud grandpa up there in heaven. 


  1. Congratulations to the new graduates Kim and Kaye. They are both smart, pretty and unstoppable - GO GIRLS and chase your dreams !!!

    CC I am so happy to hear your story, you are what you wished for and more. I am very sure your dad is very happy to see where you are now !


  2. congratulations to your nieces Che, am sure you are one happy tita. I too would wish to have a flight to Singapore, wishful thinking here :) feeling so tired right now, rough day at school. but so glad to read your happiness, thanks for sharing about the joy of family's accomplishments and dedicated hard work.

  3. I am not sure if my comment went through so I am typing it again haha...this post made me teary eyed unsuprisingly because success stories never fail to knock me know how much I miss my dad too...and echoing Chay, I know wherever your dad is now he is so proud of you...on a lighter note...Kaye and Kim are both beauty and brains and I am sure angelic too...go spread your wings and conquer your world kiddos (I feel aged looking at them haha) but do not forget to pray for humility and compassion to reign your hearts...-tita Kulasa

  4. ....can't hold back my tears while reading..gobless kim and kaye!follow your dreams,greener pasture is ahead..
    ~Kris Malsi Totto

  5. Dreams hold a lot promise! They are your pride and your family's pride. Good luck to both of them as they set foot to fulfill their dreams!
    ~ Ebie Lasola