Memories from Thailand

Thailand is one of the many places hubby and I would love to explore together with the kids. In fact, I tried looking for flights Thailand last Chinese New Year but because it was a peak season, flights are either fully-booked or way too expensive. In the end, we opted for an island getaway in Indonesia during the off peak season just in time for my mom's birthday. We'll probably push-through our plan to visit Thailand next year as we are already set to go Hongkong this August and Philippines at the end of this year. Fingers crossed, I hope everything will go smoothly according to our plans. 

Truth be told, I have been to Thailand (read: Suvarnabhumi Airport). That was when I traveled to Switzerland in 2007. I boarded the Thai Airways that stopped over in Bangkok. Though it was just a 2-hour stop-over, I took the chance to feel the happy spirit of the place. 

The photo wall behind me summarizes what Thailand has to offer to tourists.

Though I was not there as a tourist (just a passer-by, LOL!), I made sure I had fun memories of Thailand. 

See? I didn't have to step out of the airport to have a glimpse of what awaits me outside.

If you love discovering places and their culture, you'll find a way to do so.

I had fun taking souvenir photos at the airport of smiles. 

How great it would be when I can finally explore and feel MORE of the place when I fulfill my dream to travel there as a tourist. Based on what I've already seen inside the airport alone, this land of smiles promises interesting discoveries and wonderful memories to boot.

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  1. I wish to go back there too someday, i love how you made the most of your stop-over in Taiwan, Che.