Travel Do's and Don'ts

Photo taken at Temple of Supreme Bliss, Penang Malaysia

Hubby and I came up with my our own list of travel do's and don'ts based on our first hand experiences from our family's travel adventures. They say, sharing is caring. Let me share with you our list and I hope it will give you extra tips when your inner wanderlust strikes.

1. Book an all inclusive holidays (read: practical and stress-free)
2. Bring travel essentials
    a. comfortable clothes/shoes (tip: choose your comfy yet fashionable clothes/shoes)
    b. toiletries and medicines (for emergency, you'll never know if the hotel provides)
    c. belt bag/sling bag (for valuables ie. money, passport)
    d. sunglasses/eyeglasses
    e. mini-foldable umbrella or raincoat
    f. plug adaptors
    g. cellphones
3. Research about the place you are going to
    a. places to discover
    b. places to eat
    c. culture and beliefs of the local people
4. Bring photocopy of your documents ie. passport, IC, tickets (backup means no messing up)
5. Take lots of photographs (it is always fun to reminisce your travel adventures by looking at your photos)

1. Bring unnecessary things ie. expensive jewelries, watches
2. Let your children out of your sight (as per hubby's motto: "better safe than sorry")
3. Fall into tourist trap (if your itinerary didn't materialized, relax and just go with the flow)
4. Over pack (easy to say, difficult to do, LOL!)
5. Expect too much (you'll only end up disappointed)

Do you have something to add? Please feel free to share on the comment box. Sharing is caring, need I say it again? :)


  1. great tips Che, i always bring laptop and not forgetting usb to transfer pictures to laptop :) always afraid i may lose the CF's :)

  2. Terrific "do's and don'ts", Cher! I don't travel much any more, but I'm glad I had learned many of the things you've listed when I did travel! They certainly made traveling easier and more fun! Hope all is going well!