Angsana Resort & Spa (Bintan, Indonesia)

Photographed by an ex-colleague from Ivoclar Vivadent
Angsana is a chain of an international  Hotel and Resorts managed by the Banyan Tree Group. I had the privilege to experienced Angasana Bintan in 2007 through my former company's business and leisure trip.

Participants of Innovasia 2007
I was there as a participant of the Innovasia, a yearly seminar and team building event of my ex-company Ivoclar Vivadent. I said I was privileged because I am not yet an Ivoclar Vivadent employee at that time. My employment pass has not been approved yet (got my PR status only in 2008) but the big boss decided to tag me along to introduce me to my Vietnam and Thailand counterpart and the rest of Ivoclar Vivadent sales representatives from South East Asia . I was assigned to represent Singapore as Clinical Consultant for Ivoclar Vivadent dental products.

Photographed by an ex-colleague from Ivoclar Vivadent
The beach view is fantastic.

Photographed by my room mate, Jenny. She's a sales rep from Malaysia.
 It was my first time to travel out of Singapore. 

At the pool
Please don't ask me why I look so shy and innocent. LOL!

With my roommate Jenny at Lotus Cafe
       Buffet breakfast was served at the Lotus Cafe everyday. No room for diet regime. 

1st night dinner by the beach at Pantai Grill with Jenny and her colleagues.
It was my first time to dine by the beach too. 

We were serenaded by a live band
The live band sang happy Indonesian songs while we were enjoying our dinner by the beach.  I highly recommend Pantai Grill. Good food + great ambience + friendly service = fabulous dining experience. 

My ex-lady boss was introducing the lecturer, Dr Michael. I forgot his surname. 
We had a relaxing orientation and getting-to-know your colleagues on day 1. It was meant to prepare us for an intensive lecture on day 2. LOL! The lecture reminded me of my crazily busy days studying dentistry.

Dinner near the Laguna Bintan Golf Course
After a long day of lecture, we were rewarded with another sumptuous dinner near the golf course. My rusty brain can't remember the name of the posh restaurant.

My Green Turtle group during the team building activity.

Day 2 was spent with fun and strenuous team building activities.

Resting before proceeding to another tiring team building activity.

The resort is equipped with team building facilities meant for corporate events like Innovasia.

We won the 1st price if I remember it right.

Pardon my rusty brain, I also can't remember clearly if we won the 1st prize for the team building race. What I do remember is not getting a red packet prize because I am not yet officially employed. LOL!

My friend Jenny inside our twin room.

I dread the day Innovasia '07 ended. In a short span of time, Jenny and I became friends. We were mistaken to have known each other for a long time because we really clicked. Maybe because she's a milk and I am a coffee. (Read: Kape't gatas kami!) LOL! We continued communicating until I lost her contact. 

View from our room.

Angsana is a 5 star luxury resort. Apologies for my blurry photos, I regret not taking good photos for a good beach resort review. 

The lush greenery surrounding the resort.

The resort is very rich in flora and fauna. My ex-colleagues captured photographed some lizards in the hotel garden. Now, I keep asking myself, why did I become a photo enthusiast too late? LOL!

Photographed by an ex-colleague from Ivoclar Vivadent

All thanks to my ex-colleagues who captured the beauty of Angsana and shared it to all the Innovasia participants days after we parted. The above photo is the stunning sunset on our last day at the resort. Oh, Angsana! Till' we meet again!

At the hotel lobby with Jenny and another ex-colleague.

I took souvenir photos with Jenny and the rest before we parted ways. 

Dinner by the beach set up for honeymooners.

I showed the photo above (I photographed the hotel photo at the lobby with my digicam) to my hubby and told him I want to experience that romantic dinner set up by the beach. He said, okay just keep day dreaming. LOL! 

If you are wondering what are the other activities the resort offers, click here. If it is not too expensive for commoners like my family (Angsana is considered a posh resort), I don't mind going back there for a weekend getaway. After having a taste of Bintan Lagoon Resort, hubby is eyeing on Nirwana Resort (more family friendly and a lot cheaper than Angsana)  when we have the time and luxury (read: travel allowance) for a Bintan Island Escapade again. 

I read in their website that Angsana Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the most popular boasting many awards and accolades. If hubby ever wins lottery, we will definitely go there! LOL!


  1. Looks like a wonderful place for a retreat, but dinner by the beach looks especially inviting! I've seen images like that once before, for dining in the desert up near Lake Powell. That was too $$$ for our budget. So I'll keep daydreaming, too. LOL!

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