Baby Gian's Development at 9 months

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April 23, 2012

9 months old baby gian
Baby Gian turns 9 months old today!
Ladies and gentlemen, Baby Gian turns terrific 9! There are major developments our precious baby boy went through this month much to our delight in spite of his challenging and worrisome cranky days.

* His 4 front teeth came out all at the same time. Imagine the painful inflamed gums and all. Poor baby! 
* He started crawling all over the place! Childproofing our house is a MUST!
* He can now identify cars and birds: two things he finds interesting for now when we take him for a walk.
* He's now able to sit up by himself and pull himself up to a standing position.
* Ate-te remains his favorite word and playmate. Just the sight of his Ate Kyla makes him giggle non-stop. :D
* He likes throwing his toys and chase after them. 
* He's sleeping and waking up time is almost the same like ours. We are pampered parents. Teehee!
* He's now able to drink from a sippy cup. Will probably wean him from baby bottle when he turns one!?


  1. He is handsome.

    Sad to say that I do not have a baby girl,

    or we can be in-law.

  2. Such a handsome young man and isn't it fun to watch them grow and develop almost daily!! Delightful post for the day, Cher! Give Sir Gian a hug for me!


  3. Hello handsome Gian ! He looks like he is about to cry. Awesome 9 -- time is flying !!!


  4. Baby Gian is handsome and so adorable. Pa-kiss nga! Hmmmmmm.