Camp Samal Resort and Leisure Park

camp samal leisure park
Camp Samal Resort and Leisure Park | Tumauini, Isabela | ItsMoreFunInThePHILIPPINES

One of the popular tourist attraction in my hometown is the Camp Samal Resort and Leisure Park which is known as semi-Tagaytay because of being high on its location where you can view the entire town in the west, south, north and the Cordillera Sierra Madre in the east.

 It is a favorite spot for young couples, birthday celebrations, class reunions, and family get together. I can't wait to bring my in-laws there when we get the chance to have a grand vacation in the Philippines.

Camp Samal Resort and Leisure Park | View Facing North
Camp Samal Resort and Leisure Park | View Facing East
Camp Samal Resort and Leisure Park | View Facing South
Camp Samal Resort and Leisure Park | View Facing West
Fellow Tumauinians, please correct me if I'm wrong as I am very bad with directions. I anyhow guessed where is north, east, south and west. LOL!


  1. you have a beautiful province Che, can't wait to be HOME :) haha, you are funny about guessing the west, east, north and south in your photos :)

  2. nice shots te :) *missin' this place*

  3. you have such a picturesque homeland sweet day I wish to walk all directions there with you...

  4. wonderful clouds like mountains :) thanks for joining us!

  5. Hello Cher..I am awful with directions and my husband is so good with them. This looks like a beautiful place to visit..thank you for linking up to Nature Notes this week...Michelle

  6. what nice views you got there. It doesn't matter what directions you got :) I hope you can bring your in-laws/relatives someday soon. my skywatch is up too.

  7. Beautiful captures. Happy sky watching.

    My Sky.

  8. So wonderful photos! Have a nice Friday, and nice weekend!:)

  9. Wow, gorgeous views and sky! Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

  10. Schöne Himmelsfotos, auf dem ersten, die Wolke ganz links, könnte der Froschkönig sein :-) LG. Ingrid

  11. i like what you did in those photos. ^0^
    Phils. always has one of the best scenic views,
    too bad, tourism isn;t that encouraging here.
    but we're slowly getting there... i hope.

  12. cher, i grew up half an hour's drive away from tagaytay, so yeah, i agree, camp samal does offer similar breathtaking views! i just love the green, green grass carpeting those gentle rolling hills. and the blue, blue sky above it all. this looks like the perfect place to vacation at when you live in a big, noisy city and want to go somewhere where peace, quiet and natural beauty reigns. i do hope you get to take your in-laws to camp samal in the near future. i know they will love it there! i might just go there myself someday!

  13. wow! it looks beautiful and perfect day to enjoy the beauty of nature. I have not been in this place :-) Dropping by from TT

  14. nice! ang ganda ng tanawin.... look at those field, so green and its nice to connect with mother nature.

    mine is up hope you can hop back :D

  15. I love scenes like that! You see, I grew up in the very country and I am so used to the greenery. That sure is a great place to be at-- so close to nature! :)

    Thanks for joining TT last week. Hope you can join again. LInky is now up!

  16. Oh how I miss Philippines! I have not had the time to really explore my own country. I would love to someday when we go back to Pinas for a vacation. :) Visiting very late via TT.

    Adin B

  17. Lush green, blue sky and white clouds...i couldn't ask for more, ganda talaga ng tanawin sa Pinas. ;) Thanks for sharing these photos.