Changi City Point: Nature Inspired Mall

We made it on the last day of the grand opening celebrations of Changi City Point, a nature inspired mall opposite Singapore Expo MRT station.

We were greeted by this beautiful garden. Mr Sun was at its hottest and it is good to see a refreshing fountain. There are still signs of work in progress.

Kyla, my sweet toothie girl, was given a free cotton candy at the entrance. We took the chance to go for a lunch treat at Tung Lok Signatures using the gift voucher my lady boss gave me while baby Gian was sleeping soundly on his pram. 

After lunch, we explored the rest of the place. We all love the greens inside and outside the mall.

This is the view from Koufu food court at level 2. It doesn't feel like you are inside a mall at all.

There is also a water play area outside the food court where kids can play to their hearts content. 

And look what we discovered! A baby spa where babies can have a swimming lesson, spa session and a haircut. We bought baby Gian his first floating device. Could hardly wait for his first swimming lesson.

There is also this place called The Petite Park. Perfect place for baby Gian when he's old enough to navigate around.

What I love about this mall is the presence of greens and resting areas inside. All malls should follow suit.

To keep up with their nature friendly theme they showcased the Com-Art Chandelier, a stunning piece made of recycled plastic bottles. Kyla said they made the plastic bottle cut outs look like shimmering diamonds. Very commendable. This place has got to be our favourite mall in the neighborhood. We'll be back to check out their numerous factory outlets soon. They've got Adidas, Nike, Crocs, G2000, Esprit and many more. There are also a lot of gastronomic places we look forward to give a try. :)

*All photos are taken with iPhone and processed with Instagram.


  1. Try to read these signs when you are in your car but be careful.


  2. Ah, looks like my kind of mall!! So colorful! I'm sure all of you had a great time!! Thanks for sharing the fun, Cher! Hope your week is off to a great start!


  3. that cut bottles are so unique, Kyla is so right, they are like shimmering diamonds. hope you are having a good start of the week, Che.

  4. It looks like a nice place. I love that they have lots of green spaces and water fountains.

  5. I aree - more green in malls would be an excellent thing. That view from the food court is amazing for making you forget you are inside a shopping mall!