Golden Prawn Restaurant (Batam Island)

Golden Prawn Restaurant, Batam Island, Indonesia
A souvenir shot at Golden Prawn Restaurant during our Batam Island Escapade

Golden Prawn Restaurant is Batam's most popular seafood restaurant. Our impromptu tour guide (the nicest taxi driver in Batam Island) told us that the place is well known to locals and tourist alike. 

It is located at Bengkong Laut, less than an hour taxi ride from Harris Waterfront Resort where we stayed. 

Golden Prawn Restaurant, Batam Island, Indonesia

According to, the humongous place can accommodate up to 4000 guests. It is well known for serving local seafood dishes with the nice view of north eastern coast of Batam Island at day time. 

Golden Prawn Restaurant, Batam Island, Indonesia

The restaurant also handles In and Out Bound Tour Groups, Company Anniversary Party, Wedding Party, Birthday Party (we were there to celebrate my mom's birthday dinner) and other functions.

cap cai, black pepper crab, chili crab and golden prawn mayonnaise from golden prawn restaurant, batam island

There are hundreds of top dishes with a variety choices and great food. We had (clockwise from top left) Cap Cai or Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables, Black Pepper Crab, Golden Prawn Sause Crab (similar to Singapore's Chili Crab), and Golden Prawn/Undang Mayonis (similar to Singapore's Cereal Prawn but the cereal was replaced by mayonnaise). Everything is soooooooooo much cheaper compared to eating the same food in Singapore. Hubby paid around S$80, drinks and rice included. Isn't that cheap?! @.@ It would have cost us at least S$200 if we had it in Singapore.

birthday cake

All of us, specially my mom, had a blast not just with the food but with the lively ambiance. The crowd (including us), along with the "local band" (they have this little stage at the center where patrons can sing and dance along with the music) sang the happy birthday song three times while we were enjoying our food. Obviously, she's not the only one celebrating her birthday that night. :)
There is an area where you can choose any fresh sea food for them to cook and you can see huge fishes swimming in the pond. I was not able to take any decent photo of that as it was already late at night (we arrived around 9pm and went home around 10:30pm) and we have a baby in tow. Nevertheless, we had no regrets of exploring the place even though it is considered far from our hotel. It is where we experienced the local Indonesian spirit during our entire stay at Batam Island.


  1. i have been craving for these foods since i looked at them earlier, and also craving to leave comment here, it was not the same. your mom is so blessed to celebrate her 67th birthday with you all in such special place yet.

  2. I so love prawn and the food looks yummy!


  3. What a great looking place! And the food does look yummy! I love seafood of all kinds! Wonderful place to celebrate and I'm sure your Mom had a great birthday! Hope you have a good week ahead, Cher! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!


  4. Such a lovely shot. BTW I hope you do have your dream come true!

    Blessings, Judy

  5. Belated happy birthday to your mom! Pass the plates please :)) and a slice of sinfully delicious cake. I'd love to visit and dine in, if given a chance. And I'll tag along my hubby, a seafood lover.

  6. Wonderful celebration!! Happiest of birthdays! Your mosaic of the food made my mouth water...looks delicious.