Family Journal: Happy Easter

It feels like I've been away for ages! Haha! Happy Easter, folks! I bet I'm not yet late for most of you who are still enjoying Easter eggs and chocolates today. I must admit, I didn't get all the quiet time I should for the holy week but I spent quality time with my family during the long weekend. We stayed home most of the time, planned of doing some spring cleaning but it didn't materialize because my hands were full from taking care of my very angelic turned superduper hyperactive 8 months old little guy. 

Baby Gian and Big Sister Kyla with their most precious smiles.
My darling angels. Photo taken with Instagram.
Side Story: 
Kyla fondly calls baby Gian lil' guy. There was one instance where I was playing with him and I scared him unintentionally. He cried out so loud as if I pinched him. Kyla came to the rescue and said, "Oh my poor lil' guy, don't cry" while trying to pacify her baby brother and then she turned to me and said, "What did you do to my baby brother? You are not supposed to make him cry!" The joys of motherhood! Lol! I love how protective my big girl is to her baby brother. 

Another side story: 
Hubby and I were having our usual family business talk at bedtime after baby Gian finally slept.
Me: Malikot na si baby, 'no? (Closest translation: Our baby has turned to be active.) 
Hubby: Anong malikot? SUPER likot kamo! (What active?! You should say SUPER active!!!) 
Lol! After reaching the 8 months milestone, Baby Gian started to crawl and reach for anything his hands can reach. He couldn't sit or lie down still that I find it so difficult to change his clothes and diapers. Oh how I miss his new born days, LOL! Kidding aside, hubby and I are very grateful that Kyla and Baby Gian continue to grow as healthy and happy babies. Never mind Gian's hyper-activeness and Kyla's willfulness. We are too blessed to be stressed as I always say. 

Back to my main story, we had a relatively quiet Holy Thursday and Good Friday and we had a great time celebrating Easter. I cooked Kyla and hubby's favorite sweet spaghetti, devoured on fruit salad icecream and we went to Sentosa to renew our Islander pass for another unlimited fun all year round. We renewed in time to get an exclusive invitation to the pre-view of POLW (Port of Lost Wonder) at Palawan Beach much to Kyla's delight. 

Palawan Beach Kiddie Fun
The Pirate Ship water fun at the Port of Lost Wonder
Hope you all had fun celebrating the Easter too. Let us all thank Jesus for sacrificing Himself and dying for our sins. May the risen Lord bless our homes with peace, love and happiness always.


  1. psssstttt yeah I had a long, blessed weekend with the hubby and the kiddos...beach, river and mountain..too blessed too to be stressed echoing you...super cute ng kids!!!! may dimples talaga si Gian...gosh madaming girls someday ang mahuhumaling hehe, too early for that to think about though hehe, kisses to Kyla sweet na Ate...mwahhh!and yup it feels like you have been away for long...missed you...:-)

  2. Happy Easter to you all as well. Your story of your little angels brings so much joy here.

  3. so cute smiles, hope u had great time:-)
    happy reast of the week+happy blogging from tulipland!

  4. Happy Holidays, wonderful smile and I think you really had fun out there, I hope to see more of those great wide smile