Songs of the Sea

Songs of the Sea is a multimedia show located at Siloso Beach on Sentosa IslandSingapore. Designed by ECA2 founder, Yves Pépin, Songs of the Sea started its operations on 26 March 2007. It replaced the 25-year-old Sentosa Musical Fountain. The fountain is a $30 million investment by Sentosa to enhance its entertainment product offerings and to attract more tourists. It is the world's only permanent show set in the sea — boasting spectacular pyrotechnics displays, water jets, laser show and flame bursts a live cast and an open-air viewing gallery which can comfortably accommodate 2,500 visitors. ~Wikipedia

Songs of the Sea is a show you shouldn't miss when you visit Singapore. Enjoy this video I took in 2009 when we brought my brother and his family to experience the spectacular show. Hubby and I forgot to bring the tripod with us hence we went home without a decent photo of the show. 

SHOW TIME: 7:40 PM and 8:40 PM Daily; Additional 9:40 PM show on Saturdays 
TICKET PRICE: S$10/Person (Standard Seats); S$15/Person (Premium Seats)


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