Spreading Grins with Greens in a Snap

     Refreshing, yes that's the first word that pops on my mind each time I perceive the color green...then comes the word LIFE...a grin is spelled on my face when my soles get to touch velvety grass.

A beautifully manicured lawn is a joy to own. I am in the process of turning ours into one where my family could spend all day relaxing and simply savoring the joy of togetherness. I was so happy to hear about Scotts® Snap® Spreader System which could help anyone have a beautiful lawn without the mess and guesswork. This new product is easy to use, the snap pack connects directly  to the Snap spreader and one no longer needs to cut, open and pour from heavy packs only to "snap, lock and go"...easy as one, two three...There is no spilling and wasting because the  system auto sets the power flow rate. Storage is also easy as the Snap pack self  seals upon removal.

Check out their site and like Snap perks on Facebook so you could learn more of their great promotions and contests...spread the word and win cool prizes. Life is a bliss with greens that create a thousand grins.

"A nature kissed world, gives human beings wings."

*posted by Twinzy Sunsetzen for Sweet Memoirs


  1. Time for me to "green" my lawn after a long winter..

  2. It is wonderful to see the green lawns again -- especially when you live in an apartment complex!! I'm sure you will have a beautiful one, Cher!!


  3. What if there is a refresh button in our life.....

  4. oh, the first picture is very refreshing Zen, like rainfield, would be great if we have refresh button :)

  5. thank you so much for this post, twinzy! i so love the first image. very refreshing in the eyes. now, where's the refresh button? hehehe! i would love to have a green, green lawn.