Barbie Little Fashionista


It's Kyla's last day of school today and it's mommy's job to find activities for her month-long June school holidays. I stumbled upon a Kids' Model Search which reminded me of the time she joined the Search for Barbie Little Fashionista last year during the March school holidays. I realized I haven't shared it here so yeah... as cliche as it may be, "it's better late than never". Enjoy the photos!

Finally made it to the queue quota on the 2nd day! 

Showing the dress she picked.

Kyla getting made up by the event's make-up artist!

Well-behaved whilst being made up. 

Backstage, getting ready for the catwalk.

Our very own Barbie Princess!

Barbie meet-up session and signing of autograph.

She got her most coveted prize; Barbie Doll + autograph from Barbie!

Kyla loves Barbie dolls and dresses so much that's why I gave in to her plea to join the event despite the fact that we didn't make it on its first day. We let her join mainly to gain some self-confidence which I think she did. I am still undecided whether to let her join again for the Kids' Model Search this June. Will most probably do otherwise I will find other fun activities for her. She did fairly well in her exams and was given the Best in Writing award so she absolutely deserves a break. :D


  1. She looks so pretty in the dress she picked! Best in writing, wow! Congrats!

  2. She looks so pretty in her dress. I am sure she was thrilled. I am not sure I agree with the unrealistic impression that Barbie leaves on our children. Have you ever calculated what our measurements would have to be to be a Barbie doll?
    I don't want my children/grands to be obese but don't want them anorexic either.


  3. Best in writing!! That's fantastic!! Good for her! She is a lovely young girl and you have every right to be proud, Cher!


  4. Kyla looks so pretty and love Che, how adorable. hopefully, you get to find fun activities for her. Congrats Kyla for being awarded best in writing.

  5. What an exciting time for Kyla. I would imagine she felt very grown up in her pretty gown!

  6. Congrats Kyla.. enjoy your vacation !!! Very pretty in that Barbie gown and makeup - you are growing so fast Kyla !


  7. i can obviously see Kyla's face light up in all of these fotos. ^0^
    i think she really enjoyed this Barbie thingy,
    haha, every girl's dream. ^0^ ( and mine too, when i was a kid )
    i wish her the best in her upcoming fashionista get up this coming June.

  8. She is so beautiful twinzy!!!

  9. I must add that she poses like a pro...aahhh makes me wish I had a daughter haha..Roel and Franz hates being photographed haist, hehe...