Baby Gian's Development @ 10 Months

May 23, 2012

Baby Gian turns 10 month old today!

Everyone, please meet the new big boss of the Calasanz' Family! :D

Here are a few of his noteworthy developments:
* He drops things intentionally, watches the object and repeats when you give it back to him.
* He began imitating actions and sounds. Too cute!
* He cries when mommy comes home and goes directly to wash her hands and change clothes before taking and kissing him. He never does the same with daddy. :D
* He pulls himself to standing position when you leave him on his playpen or when you put him near the bed's headboard.
* He is learning to balance whilst standing by holding onto something with just one hand while his other hand is busy with something.
* He can now ocassionally (depends on his mood) wave bye-bye.
* He claps his hands when he is pleased with something.
* He babbles a lot when you read him a book. Sometimes, he's able to follow words like apple and cat.
* He grunts when you don't let him do what he wants.
* He clings when daddy and mommy leaves for work.
* He likes opening cabinet doors and pulling things from the shelves.
* He crawls all over the place! The challenge has just began. 'Nuff said. :D


  1. Ah, yes! He is growing up! This brought back lots of memories of my four when they were that age! Fun post for the day, Cher! Hope your week is going well!


  2. Gian never fails to warm my heart Che each time I see his cute smile, his so adorable face, and oh, what a cute hugable little boy he is. I enjoyed reading how he is now at 10 months :)

  3. Baby Gian is having the normal psychological development for his age and that's great to hear. It's going to be a challenge to supervise him now that he knows how to crawl and explore all over the place. I'm glad he quickly takes up words from those kiddy books you've been reading to him.

  4. hey you cute little boy !!! he looks good in blue outfit !!!