Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Cracking your brain where to bring your kids this June School Holidays?
Here are some outdoor activities that will keep your kids busy yet happy.

Palawan Beach | Sentosa Island
Building sandcastles always have a great appeal to the kids. Buy them a basic sandcastle toy set and head over to any sandy beach around you!

Palawan Beach | Sentosa Island
Make new friends! How fun is that? Encourage your kids to mingle with other kids of their age when they are in a public place.

Palawan Beach | Sentosa Island

Play freesbie or in layman's term, flying saucer. I used to play this a lot when I was Kyla's age. Get free exercise and adrenaline rush in throwing and catching that round flying thing! 

Palawan Beach | Sentosa Island

Most kids' all time favorite activity is swimming. Give them a break from swimming pools, buy a floating device and head to the beach! Nothing beats a natural setting!

Changi Beach Park 
Get them to fly a kite! It gives them a sense of freedom. 

Kidz' World | Singapore Zoo
Let your kids experience a pony ride! It will tickle them pink and will surely ask for another round!

Pasir Ris Park
Bring them NOT to their regular playground and surround them with nature love. 

Wild Wild Wet
Let them play in the water parks and they are sure to get LOADS of fun!


  1. very inviting photos to enjoy the outdoors, i so agree, i am so bored in the swimming pool because there are no fishes nor waves nor shells, nor sands, nothing beats the natural setting. i super love all the pictures especially Kyla playing with the sand.

  2. It is always very fun as long as we enjoy in a family.

  3. A wonderful and delightful post for the day, Cher! I do so agree with you and pretty much did the same when my kids were growing up! I love your photos for the day!! Hope your week is going well!