The Disneyland Dream


My mom, my sister and her 3 boys at HK Disneyland

"When are we going to Disneyland, mommy?", my 9 year old girl, Kyla who loves anything disneyfied, asked me for the nth time. We were supposed to spend Chinese New Year in Hongkong Disneyland last year but I got pregnant with Baby Gian so we didn't push through with our plan for safety reasons. 

My sister and her family at HK Disneyland

"We are going there this year, sweetheart.", I replied  much to Kyla's delight. She has always looked forward in realizing her disneyland dream. Imagine how ecstatic she was. Her eyes sparkled in excitement when I ask her to see my sister's HK Disneyland photo album in facebook. 

My sister and her family at HK Disneyland

"I want to have our family photo taken on that same spot, mommy!", she exclaimed when she saw the photo above. I think she's gonna to get crazy (pardon my word but I have already explained to her what I meant, hehe!) when we finally get there in August. All thanks to my ever reliable sister who once lived in Hongkong and  frequently flies there nowadays, in fact she is there having a vacation with her family right now. She provided me all the necessary information I need in booking our flight and accommodation and planning our itinerary. Are you wondering what HK travel advise she gave me? Book your Hong Kong Flights with Dial a Flight and stay at HK Disneyland Hotel. 

My sister with my mom at HK Disneyland Hotel lobby

Who wouldn't want to stay at HK Disneyland Hotel? Definitely will be a dream come true for my princess Kyla but we do have travel budget to consider. I end up booking a cheaper hotel which according to the hotel staff I spoke to is more appropriate for family with young kids. Guess which hotel I am talking about? It's the Disney's Hollywood Hotel! Do you think that will make a big difference? Nah! Whenever we travel, we look forward in realizing our dreams and creating beautiful memories more than anything else. As the hubby always put it, "no matter where we are and whatever we do, ang importante sa lahat magkakasama tayo bilang pamilya" (translation: what matters most is we are together as family).


  1. wow, it's just a few months from now Che, am excited for Kyla, Gian may still be too young really to distinguish the fun in Hongkong Disneyland from the fun in Singapore, but am sure, Kyla will have such a great time, and so all of you.

  2. your sister has the same elegant beauty as yours twinzy...excited for Kyla and Gian too like Betchai! weeee....

  3. oh my! this could be me, nagging about disneyland forever! ^0^
    and reaching into 20's, seeing neverland, riding the small world,
    experiencing the Indiana jones and all that jazz, the craze finally ended. ^0^
    yun lang pala yun! hehe!
    definitely a wonderland for kids!

  4. Had plans of going to Disney but it still remain a plan since my son is still 22 months and he might not be able to appreciate it much.

  5. Wonderful photos with the family in Disneyland. I hope to be able to go there anytime soon. BPC hopping from

  6. Wow! Those are grand snaps! It's always awesome to be touring with the family no? Disneyland is always a perfect place for kids and kids at heart! :)

    Thanks for joining TT! Hope you can join again. Linky for this week is now up! :)