Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium

PRESS RELEASE: Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium (MEMA) is the newest attraction at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) that offers family fun and interactive learning.

Housed in an iconic steel and glass ship hull at the RWS waterfront, MEMA promises a new museum-going experience that will cover maritime talks, children's workshops and exploration on life-size replica historical ships.

Standing in the centre of the museum and greeting guests as they enter is the life-size replica of the bow of General Admiral Zheng He's Bao Chuan (treasure ship).

An introduction of Admiral Zheng He's voyages from China to the 'Western Ocean' during the 15th century is told through a short animated video in a modern open style theatre.

Since the museum tickets hubby purchased are valid until November, we decided to just come back another time as we still need to tutor Kyla on her upcoming midyear exams.


  1. What a beautiful, wonderful place! I would love to visit there!! Love the photo of you and your family!


  2. good luck to Kyla on her midterm exam Che, am sure you will have some more opportunities to have wonderful time in the maritime museum, it's a wonderful place for Kyla for sure, learning in wandering :)

  3. miss you twinzy!!!!! I'm sure Kyla will ace her exams...what with the best parents in the world and her natural wit...this is another place for me to visit...they are already piling up haha, beautiful architecture..looking forward to the next virtual tour your family photo...dalaga na si pretty ate Kyla :-)

  4. third attempt to leave a comment here huhu, my connection is not cooperating...lovely place, beautiful family...miss you twinzy!!

  5. It has been years since I last visited Singapore.

    She has changed a lot.

  6. one thing i love about s.g...
    everywhere you go, the place is museum inspired! ^0^
    learning is always fun esp. with kids.
    hope dear Kyla gets good grades in her exam.