Missing Mama Vie

Whenever we miss my mom (whom we fondly call Mama Vie), we find the best and fastest remedy: Book flights to Singapore with Dial a Flight. Mama Vie stayed with us for almost 7 months after I gave birth to Baby Gian. That was her longest and most enjoyable (she enjoyed helping in taking care of her youngest grandchild) stay in Singapore. She is a retired government elementary teacher in the Philippines and she went back home last March to settle some paper works for her pension.

My mom was granted a 5-year Long Term Social Visit Pass by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore after our family acquired our permanent residence in 2008. She's been traveling to and fro Singapore/Philippines since 2005, when hubby and I are still holding a Special Pass (Work Visa). Below are her captured memories in Singapore through the years.

Mama Vie and Lil' Kyla aboard the boat of the Singapore River Cruise in 2005

Mama Vie and Lil' Kyla at the Singapore Botanic Gardens in 2006

Mama Vie and Lil' Kyla at the Castle Beach in 2007

Mama Vie and the not-so-lil' Kyla celebrating Grandparent's Day at the Singapore Flyer in 2008

Mama Vie and the not-so-lil' Kyla at Sentosa Island in 2009

Mama Vie and Kyla at the Universal Studios Singapore in 2010

Proud Mama Vie with her beloved grandchildren, hubby and I on Christmas Day 2011

My mom is not getting any younger and all we wish for her is to enjoy life and be worry-free. On her birthday this year, hubby and I gifted her a weekend spa bliss getaway at Batam Island, Indonesia.

Mama Vie and her youngest child and mama's girl - ME. :D

She deserves the treat for always being there for us. Now, we are missing her so much! We can't wait to have her again with us very soon. We already booked her flight back to Singapore with just one dial and she said she's more than happy to see us again, most especially Kyla and Baby Gian!



  1. I'm sure your mom's missing all of you too and in no time at all she will be back to fill the kiddo's life and yours with so many wonderful sweet memoir's....love all the photos...Kyla looks so cute with her signature smile...and your mom is a picture of a loving, caring mama...

  2. book a flight to Singapore again for your mom Che :) i wish I still have my mom around too. anyway, so happy for you Che, that your mom can fly to singapore anytime because she has 5-yr social visit pass.

  3. I love the photos of your Mom and all of you!! How fun to have her coming for another visit! I know it will be such quality time for all of you!! Have a wonderful day, Cher!


  4. Nice to meet mama Vie ! oh now I miss my mom... hope she can come visit me too !


  5. Your Mom is not getting any younger,

    but the process can be reversed if she visits my blog frequently.