Mother's Day 2012 on Instagram

I received this rose from the hubby for Mother's Day. He thanked me for being a great mom to the kids which made me wonder, am I really a great mom? LOL!

Then amidst her busyness in reviewing for Chinese and Science exams, Kyla sqeezed in some time to make this awesome mother's day card. I hinted her I don't want to receive a card or gift bought from the bookstore.

This message touched the deepest chamber of my heart. I am loving how Kyla have grown up to be very appreciative and very expressive of her feelings. What I love even more is the way she writes not just for herself but for both herself and her baby brother. Since I gave birth to Baby Gian, Kyla's letters and cards always include the lil' one's name. She's the sweetest ate and daughter in the world.

Though we spent mother's day at home as Kyla still have exams today and tomorrow, I had a grand time cooking Kyla's all time favorite Filipino style sweet spaghetti and making Baby Gian giggle nonstop. I received no fancy dinner treat and expensive gifts but I had a great time being a MOM. Don't you think that's a fabulous way of celebrating mother's day?

I have to say motherhood rocks and I'm loving it more than ever! Thanks and praises be to God for giving me the privilege to be a mom and raise two wonderful kids. 

Oh bytheway, please allow me to digress. I gifted myself with a 3+1 Facial Course at CosLab. The course includes eyebrow shaping (which I badly need, LOL) and shoulder and back massage (just an extra treat). The last time I had it was 5 years ago, before hubby and I tied the knot. Without the mother's day promotion, I could have gone for eyebrow shaping alone. The promotion is way too cheap for me to pass up. Haha! You got it, I am a self-proclaimed cheapskate.



  1. Of course you're a wonderful Mom, Cher! No one could love your children as much as you so obviously do without always striving and succeeding at being a great Mom! Celebrate the day and enjoy!


    1. thanks for your kind words,Sylvia! you always lift up my spirit with your visits and comments. :)

  2. the red speaks love strongly to the heart Che, so beautiful. I am so glad for you that you are enjoying momhood, Kyla's letter speak so much volume, you all are blessed to have each other in your family.

    1. thanks a lot, Beth. your words never fail to inspire me. :)

  3. Homemade cards are the best! And the rose is beautiful. :)

    Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best. xoxo

  4. That's a beautiful rose, Cher! Glad you had a great day being a mom, and what a blessing it is.

  5. It is Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

    Two in one.

  6. Happy mother's day dear Cher. ^0^
    reading your heartwarming post is touching and it
    also made me realized how grateful I am to my dear Mom.
    I wish the best for you and your family,
    very hi-techy of your hubby to give you an insta post. ^0^ hehe
    and yes, it's good to pamper yourself once in a while, you
    truly deserve it! ^-^

    ps: i do have f.b but I rarely use it. ^-^
    in fact, been awhile since I last check my acct.
    i mostly blog or tweet.

  7. Sounds like a great mother's day CC !!!! I also like self-made cards, the message comes from the heart ! I like the idea of you getting yourself something - you very well deserved all the pampering ! I did the same thing, (sort of), I went shopping the day before Mother's day and this time I didn't care how much I spent, I bought everything I wanted hahahha oh it feels good !


  8. hahahahaha, you deserved the facial package treat twinzy! and you have the sweetest daughter indeed! happy mothering all the days of your life...mwahhhhugggsss....