What Kind of Mom Are You?

Perfectly ordinary day with my two God-given angels.

"Some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same; and most mothers kiss and scold together." ~ Pearl S. Buck

I always feel inadequate as a mother. I feel worst when the monster mom in me strikes like a lightning. I have this irrepressible depression once a month that makes me easily irritated (read: women's dilemma). There are times when I get angry so easily and scream at the top of my lungs. Yes, ain't no saint but I make it a point to apologize to my daughter whenever I turn into a monster mom. 

Like most mothers, I am both a kissing and scolding mother. I agree with Ms. Buck, it is love just the same. When I scold my daughter, I always do my best to explain to her that I LOVE her and I CARE about her that's why I have to scold her when she misbehaves. My usual line which Kyla must have memorized by now; "I am scolding you because I love you."

When I am a scolding mother, I always emphasize that it is the wrong thing she did that I hate, NOT her. My scolding sessions always end up with tight hugs and sweet kisses and the most touching part is when Kyla says sorry and declares how much she loves me and that she is thankful for having a sensible mother. On days that I am a kissing mother, my daughter claims I make the most delicious milk and I am the best mom in the world. 

During one of our girl's bedtime talk, Kyla thanked me for being her BFM (Best Friend Mom) and I thanked her for being my BFD (Best Friend Daughter). I could see the gleaming sparkle in her eyes when I hug and kiss her goodnight. I have to give credit to the hubby who plays a huge part in developing my parenting skills (read: I never thought of myself as a good mother). In fact, our girl's bedtime talk was his idea. He encourages Kyla to share her secrets to me and to treat me like her BFF (Best Friend Forever). 

Mothering/Parenting is a continuous learning process. I learn new things everyday and I have my wonderful kids to thank for it. I have never felt so blessed until I had Kyla and Gian in my life. I may not be a perfect mom, but Kyla thinks otherwise. FYI: Gian is slowly becoming a mama's boy too! :)

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."Angela Schwindt

Here's a salute to all mothers in the world! You may or may not have a child but you will always be a mother who loves and cares unconditionally. 



  1. ..."You may or may not have a child but you will always be a mother who loves and cares unconditionally." very well said twinzy...the photos of your ordinarily beautiful days with your angels never fail to inspire many of us...they are blessed to have you for a mom and likewise you are lucky to have been given such gorgeous kiddos...I'm sure you will have one meaningful mom's day celebration...I am also both a kissing and a scolding mom..I want my little boys to turn into good gentlemen someday which without the proper guidance of a mom will not happen...kisses from my kiddos...Cheers to one of the best moms in the world!

  2. Such a beautiful and delightful capture, Cher! You are all beautiful! I have four grown children, but they continue to be the light and joy of my life! Hope your week is going well!


  3. I knew from day one I met you online that you are an amazing mom ! What I like about you is your sincerity, honesty and consistency.

    Hear me cheering to one of the best mothers I have ever met !


  4. love that very joyful photo of the three of you Che, I admire you for your honesty with your kids, and leading us with inspiration. I love how your relationship with Kyla grows and blossoms. And I know with Gian soon, you would just be as loving and caring and sensible.

  5. not yet a mom, but i hope that one day when I do,
    i can be loving and caring but at the same time, teach my child right from wrong and mostly, not spoil him/her but love her unconditionally like my parents do.
    rearing a child can be tough but here's a two thumbs up for being an almost perfect Mom. ^0^

  6. Happy Mother's day CC! You are an amazing mom - be blessed!
    ~ Betchay Dl J