Of Penguins, SEO and Fun with the Family

Roel wearing his favorite shirt

For weeks now my son Roel has been bugging me about a certain Penguin, apparently one that lives inside the computer. He wants me to purchase for him a membership that will allow him to aaahhh blah blah blah hahahaha, I am guilty of not listening to him well about how important this penguin is to his childhood life. But today I finally found the patience to absorb and understand a virtual world for kids guided by an unwavering commitment to safety and creativity as is the tag line on the site he has been crazy about since day one of his summer vacation. I always make it a point though to maintain a balance between his computer playtime and outdoor activities as well as book reading and values formation with our quality family bonding activities.

Roel reading an encyclopedia

Roel at a place of worship

I love taking photos of him and his brother knowing that photos preserve the wonderful memories of their childhood which would shape their future to become great parents themselves. Life is too precious not to be documented so like many of you I am hooked to keeping a website, a chronicle of every day's ups and downs as well as inspirations. It is a wonderful thing that in this marvelous world of images and thoughts sharing we could have for ourselves rewards which come not only in the form of heart warming comments from dear friends but also monetary delight we could use to augment our expenses as well as help others in need of financial assistance and even in sponsoring scholarships.

The worldwide web is both a playground for kids and adults alike where we can earn while having the pleasure of communicating with people from all walks of life. So today while searching for that penguin of Roel on line and chatting with another blogging friend about Search Engine Optimization I came across SEOClerks which offers seo services being a gig site connecting webmasters with service providers. One can purchase or sell any type of SEO service from back link building to sponsored tweets. Their goal is to make it easy for both webmaster and provider to find, order, sale and promote. Browsing their site I learned how easy it is to sign up and order. SEO clerks offer guaranteed services like providing backlinks, facebook likes on web pages, increase in twitter followers and or sponsor tweets plus many other website promotion techniques which could eventually increase the traffic to our sites and multiply income generation. They also offer tutorials on how to earn while facebooking and using twitter and many others which one could order and pay once the task is fulfilled by the SEO clerks. Have I mentioned that the services are affordable? I love most the facebook related gigs since I hang out on the site more often having many family members there including my sons. SEOClerks.com alternately is a great site for many who work from home.It allows users to post a task called a "gig" that they are willing to complete for any amount of money like as mentioned above offering to promote websites through popular social sites and many other site web solutions including internet marketing solutions with SEOClerks.

So after dinner tonight our family engages in one of our favorite before bedtime activity which is browsing the net for new ideas and updates on our careers and new games that enhance the kiddos' skills and decision making prowess as they jokingly put it when I remind them that they are overdoing it. Before we close our eyes to slumber we take the time to pray and say "Thank you Lord for the gift of life; for the gift of family and friends and the gift of nature which sustains our bodies to serve you through our fellowmen."

"Each morning is a gift and is best spent with the purpose of sharing."

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Zen a.k.a. Kulasa inspires people from all walks of life at her blog The Letters of November. She is the most humble medical doctor I have ever known. I fondly call her Twinzy as I've found my twin sister soul in her. 


  1. thank you for this heartwarming post, twinzy. keep inspiring with your words and photos! Roel is really a mini you. tell him he's got an admirer from Singapore.

  2. i couldn't edit the post using our pc, nagloloko. supposed to tell readers it was your guest post. see what i can do but most probably i will be out of the blogosphere this weekend.

  3. love love that joyful and wacky roel shot :) I am with you Zen, definitely we do not withdraw our kids from technology because that is the direction of the world communication now, but of course, the importance is a balance of everything. i remember when i was babysitting my nieces and nephew, i used the computer as motivation for them to follow our schedule, time for reading (book in the daytime and bible at night), time for arts (we go outdoors to paint, no camera back then, expensive, haha), time for outdoor play, time for Math, etc, haha, there was time for everything, of course, time to sleep in the afternoon and time to sleep early in the evening. if they won't follow, they can't play in the computer :) wish there were blogging back then, am sure they can help me better understand this SEO thing which I still struggle how to fully benefit from it, but thanks again for this info.

  4. Roel is so you Sis Zen. Kids are amazing, don't you love it how they surprise us with how much they know. you are raising your kids well. keep it up.

  5. Thank you for bringing us this great post, Cher! Roel is a star in my world--love the photos and the values this family is living out. From your comment above, I wondered if the writer is your twin--or is that a nickname or blogging name?

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