The Power of Social Media

Hi fellow bloggers! It's been a while since I interacted with you all about our common denominator; blogging.I just want to know if you ever considered using the power of social media to promote your blog?
I personally think it is worth trying. At first, I wasn't very keen on the idea as I find the infamous social media platforms like twitter and facebook very time consuming and errr, addicting. However, I gathered some useful tips from professional bloggers' sites that promoting your blog in social media sites is essential in SEO building. I gave it a second thought and I eventually signed up on twitter and created a facebook page for my blog. I did not regret doing so as I was able to increase my readership and gained new friends from all over the world who love sharing to their friends blog posts that they find interesting. From barely 5000 page views I used to get in a month, I am nearly reaching my target of at least 10000 page views per month. Isn't that awesome? I know, it is not as awesome as other celebrity blogs who gets 100000 or more visitors a month but I am slowly working on my blog's SEO. I constantly look for ways to build a remarkable blog traffic that will keep me inspired to blog. The other day, I was researching on the net on how to get more twitter followers and likes on facebook when I stumbled upon It is a platform that helps you get more twitter followers and facebook likes without compromising your credibility. I can't wait to sign up, get more twitter followers and get likes on facebook free. Getting more followers and likes for free means more people will get to know my site and they are free to share blog posts that they think their friends will be interested to read. Though I have not come to an extent of buying people's follows and likes, I am open to get more followers and likes for free as long as they don't turn up to be spammers. Now, do you wish to gain traffic by using the power of social media sites? Care to share me your thoughts?


  1. Yes social media is proving to be a boom in today's era and not to only promote your blog but also your business you would require to be socially active.

  2. All of these social networking sites really take a chunk out of my time for sure. I will check out your link as soon as I find a FREE moment.

    Have a great weekend, Cher!

  3. hmmm, a bit partial about this,
    i do want the attention
    but as always,
    i just don't have enought time! ^0^
    "real" life is eating me for sure...

  4. I did once eager for traffic.

    But it is too unpredictable.

    This make me putting this aside, just enjoy blogging.

  5. thanks so much for this info Che, I may have to ask you to help me on this, frankly, I do not know how to use tweeter, and because my visits are very low from FB compared to visits from google and other search engines, I also seldom post my links in my FB wall, but I do in my FB page since I notice that is where my FB traffic is coming more. Would love to learn more about this since like you, I want to grow in the technical aspect of blogging too.

  6. I am very poor in the tech side of blogging and truly do not have much time to dedicate to my passion. Instead of carving more time out in my schedule there is always something that takes it away... You know what they say "You get out of something what you put into it..."