Pronto Pizzeria

Do you remember my Harris Waterfront Resort review where I mentioned that Pronto Pizzeria serves the freshest thin crust wood oven baked pizza on earth? Exaggerated much. Haha! 

Camwhoring while waiting for our complimentary pizza included in our Spa Bliss Package. 

Pizza no. 1 and 

Pizza no. 2, fresh from the brick oven.

The brick wood oven responsible for the freshest pizza we've ever had.


  1. Ah, my kind of place!! I do love a good pizza! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend, Cher!


  2. i am not so fond of pizza, but the first picture is so inviting me :) what pictures can do, even change the appetite :) haha!

  3. i learned new word from you, camwhoring, and you all did very good doing it, love the joyful faces :) while waiting for pizza

  4. looks so delicious!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Hello.
    I'm trying to visit fellow members who I don't know yet. Oh how yummy. I LOVE pizza, but only indulge once in a while. This looks like a quaint place. Lovely shots! Thanks for sharing.

    I'm inviting you to join me this Saturday May 5th for Blog Hop Saturday! Just link your blog, or a single post, visit as many others in the link & have fun. Hope to see you there!

    My ABC: My Flowerpot Plant

  6. pizza no. 1 looks yummy--i love the olives on it.:p

  7. Mmmm, fresh pizza! It's the best.

  8. That pizza looks wonderful and those brick ovens make thin crust pizza so yummy~

  9. yummmm!!! love love love pizza!

    thank you so much for sharing over at Food Friday, Cher
    and congratulations for being this week's featured player! :)

    enjoy the coming weekend!

  10. that pizza looks so yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Sis, ginutom tuloy ako :-) Dropping late from last weeks FTF

  11. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm those pizza looks delish :-) Dropping late from last weeks FF