Tunglok Signatures

My family had a pre-mother's day lunch at Tunglok Signatures at Changi City Point mall courtesy of my lady boss. She did warn me that we might have to top-up the voucher she gave me because Tunglok Signatures falls on the high range category (read:over the top for commoners like us). Hubby was aware of that as the last time they had company dinner in one of their branches, his boss paid a whooping S$3000++. @.@
But since it was a pre-mother's day treat, hubby did not mind topping-up but the cheapskate wifey in me asked him to choose the cheapest lunch set on the menu. Don't laugh, the food there is THAT expensive. 

Here's what we got for almost S$100:
Special Tasting Menu (for lunch only)
(*all photos taken with Instagram)
Tunglok Signatures Daily Boiled Soup: Lotus + Pork

Dimsum #1 of the Dimsum Combination

Dimsum #2 of the Dimsum Combination

Steamed Cod Fillet in Traditional Style + Barbequed Combination

Poached Seasonal Vegetable with Wolfberries in Chicken Stock

Fried Vermicelli with Crab Meat and White Pepper 

The only thing I find worth our voucher + money is the daily boiled soup and the vermicelli as it was super yummy. I will only eat there again IF some kind soul will give me a treat. Hehehe!

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  1. I super love lotus soup, Khai's mom makes very good soup, she taught me how, but did not listen enough maybe, I could not copy her taste :) love everything here Che, but I agree, you can get them somewhere cheaper :)

  2. ohh lala yeah they are pricey, but I can tell they are really worth the price !

    I saw my favorite dimsum !!!


  3. Love this dish and for S$100 it's worth it. Yummy!


  4. everything looks delicious! the steamed cod is my favorite.

  5. I am one of the cheapskates too who shall not visit this type of high class restaurant.

  6. wow! what a delicious treat from your generous boos!!!

  7. Is that Lobster Roll in the second photo? Love it!

    <a href="http://www.atwerpslife.com/sunday-market-at-centris-walk/”>The Twerp and I</a>

  8. the soup looks tasty, and the char siu seems delicious.
    at least you did enjoy the ambiance of a 5star resto once in a while. ^0^
    yes, sg's standard of living is higher compared to other countries.

  9. hmmmmm yummmm I'd probably take more time taking photos than eating hahaha...

  10. what a sweet treat for your boss...what a food feast, so delish...love the noodles
    :-) Dropping by from Food Trip Friday.

  11. wow, must be a great place...food looks so delicious! :) visiting late from FTF, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)

  12. ooooh, really pricey! yes, am a cheapskate. lol. but it looks like everything was well worth it, sis! those wolfberries look interesting...i wonder if we have those here?

    thanks so much for sharing over at Food Friday :)