Baby Gian's Development at 11 months

June 23, 2012

Baby Gian Loving the Outdoors and Nature

I know it's an overused phrase but how time flies indeed! In a months time, Baby Gian will turn 1 year old!!! Mixed emotions... Why do babies grow too fast? But then again, we are excited much to see him walk and hear him talk very soon. Here are his latest developments:
  • He's now able to stand up by himself for a few seconds.
  • He gets upset and grumbles when you won't let him do what he wants.
  • He has perfected the art of crawling using his knees and hands.
  • When Kyla gets really excited and shouts weeeeeeee, he does the same seconds later.
  • We now have a great imitator of facial expressions! Too cute!
  • He keeps mumbling when you read him a book as if trying to follow the words you utter.
  • He hates wearing bibs, caps and safety belts! 
  • The first CLEAR word I've heard him mumble so far is bye-bye. That's when he saw a train passing by.
  • He claps his hands and shouts weeeeeee when he's happy and pleased with something.
  • His upper and lower lateral incisors are showing up and that makes his erupted baby teeth a total of 8.
  • Praise God he continues to be very healthy and sickness free. 


  1. I love reading your posts about Baby Gian's milestone developments. :-)

  2. what a cute photograph of Gian, very professionally done. the train is such a wonderful and fascinating object to see that i am not surprised he utters the words bye-bye when he sees train passing by