Bottle Tree Park

As promised in my Fishing and Prawning entry, let me show you more of the Bottle Tree Park. Before Kyla started fishing, we roamed around the place and everything appeared to us as a breath of fresh air.

The Bottle Tree at Bottle Tree Park
The Bottle Tree at Bottle Tree Park
Looking at the photo above, I need not explain why the park is named Bottle Tree. According to their website, Bottle Tree Pte Ltd was establised in 2004. Professedly, what led its establishment was 5 men's vision to create a conceptual village where you can find sports, recreational activities, conference rooms and restaurants.

RC Car Racing | Bottle Tree Park
That explains why they have race tracks,

Bottle Tree Park
paintball battlefield,

SL Kampung | Bottle Tree Park
and cool conference/activity room. Credit Suisse was conducting a team building company event when we checked out this literally cool place. 

Small Plant Nursery | Bottle Tree Park
There's a small plant nursery

Vegetable Garden | Bottle Tree Park
and vegetable garden that reminds me of my father who loves gardening in our backyard when he was still alive. 

Lake House Entrance | Bottle Tree Park
The Lake House is reserved for company events. Not sure if it's off limits but we didn't go in.

Front View of the Lake House | Bottle Tree Park
We went around it instead and discovered a small lotus plantation.

Lotus Flower | Bottle Tree Park
The lotus flowers are really HUGE! The biggest I've seen so far. It's about the size of a big round plate, or perhaps even bigger. Since I didn't bring my zoom lens, I had to kneel down at the edge of the lake and bend forward to take this shot. Lucky I didn't fall. LOL!

Patin Pond | Bottle Tree Park
There's a dry land that separates the lake and the Patin Pond where adult and young fishing enthusiasts go for fishing ($5/rod). 

Fishing Area | Bottle Tree Park
This is the view that you see when you are on board the MRT. We stayed in one of the cottages for a while and Baby Gian had a blast watching the trains past by every few minutes. He loves trains, he says weeeeeeeeee when he sees one. :D

Bottle Tree Park
In spite of the presence of tall condominiums opposite the road, it really feels like we are in the province.

Bottle Tree Park
I wished they built a real bahay kubo. I love the nostalgia it brings. Life is full of beautiful colours.

Bottle Tree Park
Did I just say beautiful colours? Look what we found inside a cage. Anyone of you knows what kind of bird is that? 

Passion vine flower |  Bottle Tree Park
Another beauty to behold. At least for nature lovers like me. The above photo is Passiflora incarnata, commonly known as maypoppurple passion flowertrue passion flowerwild apricot, and wild passion vine, is a fast growing perennial vine with climbing or trailing stems. 




  1. wow! that is a nice place to go to.
    how i wish (yet again) to see parks like this here.
    when nowadays we inhale too much pollution, we sometimes, need a break from it all.

    ps: the huts and carriage reminds me of manila. ^0^

  2. But I am not lucky for not seeing you falling down.

  3. oh, wow, never saw that many lotus, beautiful shots che, and I thought bottle tree because the first picture of the tree the trunk looks like a bottle :) very good information, and am like Gian, I love trains and rail tracks! up to now, i still have not gotten over my fascination and excitement, thus, even i take the train even i do not have destination, i just enjoy the ride! :)

  4. What a lovely place, Cher!! And your photos are terrific! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


  5. Very interesting post and captures!Have a great day!


  6. Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.