Cheap Beach Holiday, Anyone?


Last night, whilst the kids and the hubby are already enjoying their sweetest dreams in slumberland, I kept myself busy surfing the net for cheap holiday deals. While searching, I came across cheap holidays to magaluf and wondered where on earth is magaluf? Haha! All thanks to my cyber BFF's, (Google and Wikipedia) they are ever reliable when the idiot (pardon the pun) in me is creeping in my brain I am geographically challenged.

Magaluf Beach, Majorca | Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Magaluf apparently, according to Wikipedia, is a major holiday resort on the Spanish island of Majorca, primarily catering for the British, German and Scandinavian package holiday market. Magaluf is in the municipality of Calvià and is situated within a group of towns, primarily Torrenova and Palma Nova. The main airport of Majorca is approximately 24 kilometres (15 mi) away from Magaluf.

Just looking at the photo above makes me want to fly to Spain with my family for another beach escapade this June school holidays.

Tanjung Bunga Beach | Penang, Malaysia
Do you remember our very first overseas family beach escapade during Kyla's March school holidays two years ago? If my memory serves me well, (why do humans don't have memory card? LOL!) we only spent less than S$300 for our 3D2N hotel accomodation and airfare. Yes, you get the drift. I am a cheapskate who prefers the best deals and steals, shopping-wise or traveling-wise.

Tanjung Bunga Beach | Penang, Malaysia

Do I look like I hit the jackpot in lottery? Haha! That's what beach holidays do to the forever childlike me. While many women who have dark skin like me dread to stay under the sun because they don't want to get sunburn, it was never a big issue to me getting an even darker skin as long as I get to enjoy life which in my family language means beach.

Tanjung Bunga Beach | Penang, Malaysia

Having experienced a memorable cheap beach holiday before, you can't blame me for wanting to fly to Spain this month. Now if you please excuse me, I'm off to dreamland. 


  1. let'd dream all we want... they are free ! I am going to England tonight (in my dreams !), wanna come ? hahahaha


  2. Finding the cheapest and the best deal is a pain in the a** . you can get a cheap deal but often turns out to be a disaster.

  3. haha, smiling here as I read about you not minding being under the sun and getting like me haha...and wow that first photo is really so inviting! how I'd love to dive into the water in Spain! haha...and yes echoing Chay in going to England first tonight hehe...mwahhhhh!!!

  4. haha! not naman dark skin, morena nalang sounds more fitting. ^0^
    ah! the dream land so it seems,
    i wish to visit Magaluf someday too!
    even I haven't heard of this place.
    hmmm, wonder where you'll be spending your bakasyon,
    can't wait! ^-^

  5. in my dreams, i am there with you and kyla joining you jump :) super love that picture

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  7. wow! I love the view of the Tanjung Bunga Beach.:) it looks amazing and great. thanks for the great share you've got.^^,