Children's Season 2012: Island Adventures

I stayed up late last night because I am blessed and privileged to be in a week-long extended maternity leave starting today. It is the only way I can get my much needed me-time when I am at home with the hubby and the kids. Undisturbed time for myself is very important. It is when I get the freedom to do anything I want without having to worry being troubled by interference. Even if I attempt to find cheap flights online with no one will tell me I am going insane. I can imagine the hubby telling me, are you out of your mind? Haha! Such a kill-joy. We are really made for each other. I am a dreamer and he is a realist. I love it that way because I have someone to wake me up when I am dreaming too much. LOL! 

Main Story:
Ok, I had enough of dreaming awake last night. We are not flying anywhere this June school holidays but I have a line up of activities to keep the big girl entertained. We are into museums this time around and we are very excited about the National Museum of Singapore event called Children's Season 2012: Island Adventures.

I have to confess no matter how embarrassing it is, we only started visiting museums end of last year in our 7 years stay in Singapore. What a shame, right? Nevertheless no matter how cliched it may be, it is always better late than never. The first museum we visited to check out the Titanic Artifact exhibition was the lotus-inspired ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. (We might go there again for the Harry Potter Exhibition.) It was followed by the Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium, though we haven't explored the whole place yet.  Saving our tickets when the aquarium finally opens hopefully before our ticket expires in November.  Our latest visit to the Asian Civilisations Museum made Kyla an official museum lover. She could hardly wait for our Island Adventures!

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  1. I too am a dreamer Che and Khai is the realist. :) hope Kyla will have fun with the island adventures.