Double Your Impact

I was featured at Mom Bloggers for Social Good
Up to this day, I am still unsure whether my coming out in the open has done me good or bad (impression-wise). What I do know is I am more comfortable donating to social good causes small amounts from my blog earnings anonymously. I was only convinced to come out in the open to inspire others to do the same. After all, Sweet Memoirs was created and being maintained (despite the busyness of this working mom) to inspire and not to impress. 

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Many thanks to Mom Bloggers for Social Good, World Food Program has been sending me updates on their campaign to stop poverty all over the world. Remember my post about your $1 being able to feed four children? My $5 donation was able to feed 20 children. How awesome is that? Mother Theresa was quoted saying, "If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one". She inspires me more than words can say. I normally donate whatever small amount I have and I was so delighted that this time around, my donation has been doubled by Dutch National Postcode Lottery. The great news is, all donations until 15th June will be matched. What are you waiting for? Go ahead! Believe that your small contribution can make a BIG difference in this world. DONATE NOW.


  1. think it's a good cause Cher.
    congrats on being featured in Mom Blogger time and time again.
    that's what keeps us motivated. ^0^

  2. keep the motivation to inspire going Cher, you just don't know how many lives you have touched but also inspired.

  3. You are simply awesome CC. Your decision to come out in the open will both generate both positive and negative feedback from people.. but it doesn't matter what people will say, what matters is what God will say. You are doing something for a great cause and God is very pleased...

    You inspire me in many ways.. thank you !


  4. You did good, Cher! I think it's ok to come out in the open, and congrats on your featured!