Feature Fever

iPad screenshot of my week-long feature at Mom Bloggers for Social Good
This happens once in a lifetime, so please bear with me for being delirious about my week-long feature in a global platform. I have attempted to give up blogging a couple of times but every time I slow down, God gives me a reason to keep going. The moment I tell myself to take a break, paid opportunities come pouring. Just when  I started to complain how blogging takes most of my me-time, God whispered me you are doing great my child. 


  1. keep the inspiration coming and flowing che, you are doing great.

    I guess I do not have two kids like you, so I do not really have to sacrifice a lot of time to blog since maybe I have more free time at home :) haha. I actually spend more time in FB, because being there makes me forget about time. Only when I remember to get out of FB that I find out I have so much time to get inspired blogging :) If maybe I won't log on to my FB everyday, I believe I can blog everyday, but sadly, guilty here, I mostly remember to blog when I have happine$$ to write :-)

    congratulations on being featured in the global platform of Mom Social Bloggers for Good Che, hope you get to keep your inspiration to continue inspiring others and touching lives.

  2. wow congrats ate :)
    was able to read most of your blogs, they were all inspiring and beautiful! :)

  3. Congratulations on being featured on the Mom Bloggers For Social Good site! There are so many worthy/worthwhile causes that need our assistance.