Family Journal: Grace Under Pressure

Advance Father's Day Celebration  at Bottle Tree Park 
It is supposedly a week-long bonding time with the kids sans the housework and health issues but God really is a God of wonders. His time has always been perfect, and I believe will always be. Everything happened while I was on leave...

My aunt who helps us take care of the kids has not been feeling well since last week. I brought her to see our family doctor (yes, I just recently found a GP we can call our family doctor after 7 years in Singapore) and she was diagnosed with urine infection. She was prescribed with painkillers and antibiotic. Last Saturday, while I am in the midst of Clinic Managers' Training at the newest hospital of Parkway Group, Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital (not to be confused with Mt Elizabeth Hospital in Orchard) I received an sms from my daughter that her tita developed rashes on her abdomen area. I suspected it was a drug allergy, most probably from the Augmentin she was taking. Since I was busy, I asked the hubby to speak to my aunt and check what's happening. Apparently, apart from the rashes she also had a hard time breathing due to extreme pain on her side (kidney area). 

Hubby rushed home and decided to bring her to the hospital but nobody will take care of the kids. (Hubby doesn't want to compromise the kids' health by bringing them along in the hospital.) In other words, I also had to rush home after the training. To cut the story short, my aunt was admitted in the Short Stay Unit of the Accident and Emergency department of the hospital for observation on Saturday night. Hubby stayed with her until midnight to wait for the results of the x-ray and urine test. Everything was normal but the pain on her side didn't go away. Hubby left her in the care of the nurses and the A&E medical officers. The next morning, (Father's Day) hubby and I took turns to visit her so that the kids will not be exposed to anything that will make them sick. A group of medical officers decided to let her go for a CT scan to check if she has kidney stones. 

Hubby and I started to panic. What if she will need a surgery? Who will take care of the kids when I have to go back to work? We were thinking whom to call in the Philippines to fly to our rescue. It was father's day. We were supposed to be happily celebrating but we didn't complain. We prayed and prayed and prayed. Talk about grace under pressure... Hours later, we receive the best father's day gift. CT scan result was normal. Final diagnosis: herpes zoster. My aunt was discharged around 5pm, we still managed to attend mass and had father's day dinner while my aunt stayed at home to rest. God is great, all the time! For now, please help us pray that the virus will not spread at home. We are currently on quarantine inside the master room. 


  1. oh so sorry to hear about your aunt Che, did not know you had to go through such rough times on father's day weekend, but like what you said, count it as blessing that it happened when you were on leave and therefore you and Mond were able to take shifts in taking care of your aunt and the kids. will pray for you and everyone in your family. hopefully, the virus gets killed without spreading to anyone in your home.

  2. Oh dear! I'm glad they were able to determine your aunt's health issues, but certainly not happy to hear that she has shingles. Will pray for your family, especially that the shingles do not get passed on. Will also pray that your aunt's side effects from the shingles will be minimal and short lasting.

    Very precious photo of your family above.