Great News from World Food Program

iPhone screenshot of an email from WFP

Remember my post Double Your Impact? As stated in the email above that made my heart celebrate indescribable happiness; encouraged by my response and my eagerness to inspire others to join me in making a difference in this world, the Dutch National Postcode Lottery has decided to triple (instead of double) the donations to the vulnerable mothers and children in Sahel. How awesome this simple life can be? My heart and soul are singing praises to my bestest friend up there. :)


  1. heart and soul are singing with you inspire me more than words can say...

  2. priceless happiness che, happy for you to thrive on this meaningful joy

  3. It is really awesome !!! Keep doing what you are doing CC !!!


  4. It is wonderful that you have the opportunity to make such a difference.

    Blessings, Judy