Kraze Burgers (Marina Bay Sands)

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Kraze Burgers | Marina Bay Sands
I can't blame the hubby for suddenly craving for Kraze Burgers. The place is popular for young (no pun intended) parents who bring their kids to the Marina Bay Sands Skating Rink. I captured the photo above and made sure I got Kyla (busy learning how to skate) and the hubby (busy looking at Kraze Burgers menu) on it. Haha! I am supposed to ask you to spot him on the crowd but decided to just encircle him for your convenience. LOL!

Brief History from Kraze Burgers website
'Kraze Burgers’ was established in 1998 located at Apgujeong-dong of South Korea which was the first to introduce a restaurant specialized in providing premium hamburgers. With single minds for creating the best burgers for our customers, our entire staff has continuously dedicated their minds and research towards creating burgers.

Chili Cheese Fries | Kraze Burgers, Marina Bay Sands
Hubby ordered one of the top sellers for appetizer, Chili Cheese Fries. DESCRIPTION: It is a mouthwatering Texas Chili, blend of cheese and chopped onions over crinkle cut fries.

Club Sandwich | Kraze Burgers | Marina Bay Sands
I had Club Sandwich as per recommendation of the fellow Filipina server. DESCRIPTION: A juicy grilled chicken, fried eggs, bacon, blends wonderfully on a gourmet wholewheat bread stuffed with marinated chopped lettuce in honey mustard dressing, comes with fresh tomato slice and lettuce. Is it tempting enough?

Club Sandwich | Kraze Burgers, Marina Bay Sands
Let me tempt you even more! Aren't you salivating yet? LOL! It was really good! I ate half of it and saved the other for Kyla. She devoured it after her first skating experience. Hubby said he can make us club sandwich at home if we wish to. Great idea to save $$. 

Burger Steak Original  | Kraze Burgers, Marina Bay Sands
Hubby had smoking hot (look closely to see the smoke, LOL!) Burger Steak Original. DESCRIPTION: Red wine sauce (and cheese) on top. Served with rice, fried egg, fresh red and green bell pepper, pineapple, mushroom and onion. 

Kraze Burgers | Marina Bay Sands
Meet my meat and wine lover. His order fits him perfectly, but I find it too expensive though. Haha! That's the cheapskate wifey (pardon the pun) in me talking. Honestly, if you are craving for a steak, go to a steak house like Black Angus. Their steaks are way much better than Kraze' signature steak. How did I know? Hubby said so. Haha! Nah, he shared me his steak. Sharing is loving, er caring remember? LOL!

Kraze Burgers | Marina Bay Sands
Let me end my blahberring about the Kraze Burgers interior. Not bad for young at hearts, right? Apart from young parents, I saw a bunch of executives there. I am guessing they are probably MBS staff who are entitled to 20% discount. The rest? I am not very sure. What I am pretty sure about is, maraming bagets. Hehehe!

B2-55, Canal Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 11pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am to 12am

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  1. hmmmm yummmmm......I think I have no hope of losing weight have tempted me well enough...eating here while viewing these haha...miss yewwwwww

  2. I think I see more a handsome man than some good food.

  3. though all looks yummy, but i so love the rice with the fried egg, haha, the rice eater me! :) and am sure, it would be too expensive eating rice and sunny side up egg in a steak house, haha! great food photography Che.

  4. oh yumm! gotta check it in korea

  5. i love the chili cheese fries--it looks absolutely delish!

  6. Wow! Yummy naman! I want to try all of the foods you posted here. Just by looking at your photo it looks sumptuous na especially the club house sandwich! Yum!:)

    Unfortunately, there's no Kraze Burger here in our place.. :(

  7. oh my, everything is tempting! does seem to draw in the bagets crowd, huh? :)

    thanks so much for sharing over at Food Friday, Cher

  8. That sandwich looks so great! I sure would love to taste it, too!

    Hopping here from Food Friday.

  9. ice skating is fun :-) the foods looks very delish Sis :-) Dropping by from Food Friday.

  10. looks like the restaurant is crowded...must be the delish foods that they serve :-) Dropping by from Food Trip Friday this time Sis :-)

  11. got to try their burger na! super yummy@

  12. We went there a few minutes too late..I practically begged them to let us in but to no avail. At least, they were still respectful naman kahit hindi kami pinapasok...hope we can go back just to try their burgers! :) followed you, by the way....keep on posting!