The Manhattan Fish Market (Changi City Point)

It's the time of the month that I am getting this under the weather feeling again. Sigh. Please allow me to cheer myself up with a food post. I have not posted any food entry in a while, though I have been eating too much fattening good food  again the pass days. My colleague is leaving end of this month (another reason why I'm sad) and she had 3 farewell lunches. 1st at Barcelons courtesy of me and my other two colleagues, 2nd at Sushi Tei courtesy of superman and 3rd at Lawry's courtesy of lady boss. I promise I will make you drool over the food we ate in the coming days. What a tease! Haha! Please don't hate me, ok? I am trying to cheer myself up, remember? Nuff said. Lemme reminisce my mother's day post dinner treat at The Manhattan Fish Market in Changi City Point.

Feeesh 'n Cheeese | The Manhattan Fish Market
Been craving for the "all things cheesy" of The Manhattan Fish Market since I saw their branch at Bedok Point when we had Baby Gian's baptism dinner celebration at Paradise Inn. Hubby promised to treat me there but never had the chance to do so until last mother's day. We already had dinner at home when we decided to go to Changi City Point last minute. I am hesitant to eat because I was already full but hubby insisted that we try The Manhattan Fish Market so instead of ordering the huge serving of flaming cheese platter, I opted for a lighter Feeesh n' Cheeese which is back by popular demand. 

All Things Cheesy | The Manhattan Fish Market
We are definitely coming back for the flaming cheese platter!

The Manhattan Fish Market | Changi City Point
We have yet to prove if The Manhattan Fish Market of-FISH-cially serves the best seafood in town!
Cheeeese now, talk later! LOL!

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  1. hmmmmm you just made me hungry again...I just had dinner twinzyyyyy haha...go ahead, eat...and cheer yourself up...I most certainly know that feeling of being left by a dear workmate...waaaaaa all those cheesy photos are killing me like like like some!!!

  2. am sad too ! not because your friend is leaving, but me and cheese are not best of friends, I get sick in my stomach if I eat anything cheesy. I love cheese and I miss it !

    Yeah, you made me drool over those yummy looking cheesy foods !


  3. How many persons does that Flaming Cheese Platter feed? That's quite pricey! Just a friendly piece of advice - don't eat too much of that stuff - you'll end up unhealthy like a lot of us Americans - although those onion rings look pretty darn good! ;-D

  4. Hope you feel better Che, wish to join you in sea food tripping :)

  5. all that cheese stuff is making me hungry again!
    I seriously need to go on a diet! ^0^
    *sigh* i wish we had one here too.

  6. Greetings from Japan... got here through Rainfield's blog... used to stay in Changi and after reading your post, feel like to make a return trip there just for old time's sake... and yes, I like cheese...