Road Trip in Pennsylvania

I am not very sure if my dream to visit my cousin in Pennsylvania will turn into a reality one sweet day but I am crossing my fingers it will.., eventually. I have not seen her for ages and I am missing her a lot. We used to live together in a boarding house around the university belt in Manila while pursuing a degree in different fields of study in college. She is one the sweetest and nicest cousins I have. I would love to catch up with her, meet her Pennsylvanian-born husband and hug her carbon-copy, adorable baby Zach. 

Kevin, my cousin's husband, together with Baby Zach and his friend in Pennslyvania
Although my cousin enthusiastically offered my family a free board and lodging as and when we decide to fly to Pennsylvania, I still have plane tickets and travel allowance to save up for. We can't just fly empty handed can we? Not when I am already dreaming of roadtrips in Pennsylvania. 

There is a very high chance we are going to try the fantastic Roadtrip-a-Matic of if we ever get there because pa-roadtrips spells F-U-N. Roadtrip-a-Matic addresses some of the biggest headaches when planning a vacation (my constant dilemma as the hubby leaves planning the travel itinerary to me most of the time). If we go for Roadtrip-a-Matic, I don't have to worry about missing the must-see sights and attractions in PA and where to eat and stay while road tripping. Yes, Roadtrip-a-Matic takes care of everything. All we have to do is pack and play! How good is that?


You think it's too good to be true? Check out their road trip packages and see it for yourself. There are a plethora of road trips to choose from. Whether you are a shutterbug, art lover, food lover, golfer, hiker, mother... you name it, they have a specific road trip plan for you. 

I am particularly interested in their Kidsylvania, Trails Mix and Shutter Bugs because first, I am a mother of two kids, second, I am a nature lover and third, I am a photo enthusiast. It would be great if I could go on one of those carefully planned road trips with hubby and the kids. I am a wanderlust-challenged wife and mom. I would love to travel often if given the opportunity. If only I have all the time and luxury to roam around the world, I am most probably flying or road tripping at least once a month.

Whilst daydreaming here, why don't you check out and share with me what trip you wish to go on. Dream with me, will you? After all, dreams are meant to be realized. :)


  1. oh, dreaming with you Che, that one day, fate will bring you to PA, and maybe, let us do the road a matic together :)

  2. joining you and Betchai twinzy!!! Zach, reminds me of our own Zach, my nephew :-) checking the site....dreams are meant to be realized, yeah right!

  3. We haven't been to or through Pennsylvania in almost 20 years but it is most definitely a beautiful state.

  4. this idea looks fun.
    the road to Penn? maybe one day... ^0^