Sushi Tei (Paragon)

Sushi Tei | Paragon
This is our 3rd time to lunch out at Sushi Tei, one of superman's favourite Japanese Restaurant in Paragon.

Dragon Sushi | Sushi Tei
My ultimate favourite from the spread of food superman ordered is the dragon sushi recommended by his BFF who joined us for the farewell lunch of my colleague.

Dragon Sushi | Sushi Tei
I tell ya it was really gooooooood. Die die must try!

Shabu-shabu | Sushi Tei 
What's cooking? Haha! Can't remember the exact name for this shabu-shabu thingy but this was my first choice when they asked me what I want for myself. In the end, superman ordered enough serving for all of us (6 pax) so I need not order one exclusive for me. See that sea urchin sushi on the side? I tried one and didn't like it very much. Got the slimy texture and fishy taste. My colleague like it though. #toeachhisown

Sashimi Moriawase | Sushi Tei
We shared two servings of this sashimi. I opted for the salmon. It tastes great when dipped in wasabi + light soy sauce.

Sushi Tei
This is my colleague's exclusive order, have yet to ask her what it's called. Didn't get to try it but it looks appetizing.

Sanma Shioyaki | Sushi Tei
This grilled pacific saury with salt ain't bad. We had along with superman's all time favourite, salmon head (not in photo, failed to take one). My colleague said she has satisfied her Japanese food craving enough for her to last a month without eating one. 

Sushi Tei | Paragon
Sushi Tei at Paragon is very popular. In spite being housed in a huge area, we waited for a while to get a seat (no reservations allowed, first come first serve basis) and when we're done feasting, there was a very long queue outside (more or less 20 people).

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  1. what's on top of the sushi, avocado? it's an eye candy.:p
    i miss salmon sashimi--i stopped ordering it a few months ago after i read a possible presence of mercury in salmon and tuna.:(

  2. Our family love Japanese foods and how they plate it, always look beautiful for me. And that dragon sushi looks so mouthwatering. :) visiting from FF, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)

  3. ooh, that dragon sushi looks amazing!!! same here, not too fond of the sea urchin but some friends like them. to each his own nga, lol.

    thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, sis
    so sorry for the late visit...