Trip to Switzerland

  • This a re-post from my extinct friendster blog.

I traveled from Singapore and stopped over for 2 hours in Thailand. It was another thirteen hours flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok,Thailand)  to Flughafen Airport (Zurich, Switzerland) but I stayed wide awake on board the Thai Airways.  Evidently, I was exceptionally thrilled to step my feet in Europe for the first time!

Upon reaching the immigration checkpoints, I was asked to present my letter of invitation but unfortunately I submitted the said letter to the Swiss Embassy when I processed my visa. Luckily, I found my name card (the only one I brought with me) in my wallet that bears my company headquarters address in Schaan, Liechtenstein – my destination!  Upon checking it carefully, the officer smiled at me and handed back my stamped passport.

I got my luggage pretty fast and to my great relief, I saw a man waving my company name’s placard waiting for me outside. He genially welcomed me and briefly introduced himself as our company chauffeur. After helping me to carry my things in the van, the chauffeur asked me to hop in and told me to be prepared for more or less an hour ride from Zurich to Liechtenstein and off we went. 

I was greeted by the famous Swiss Alps. Just like what I read from a review at Switzerland vacation rentals, it was very remarkable as if I just saw a painting coming alive! I wouldn't want to miss even just a morsel of the magical experience that I had to gaze right and left because the scenery was so stunning and breathtakingly beautiful on both sides of the road. I was so engrossed looking at the picturesque view that I was surprised we already reached Liechtenstein

FYI: Liechteinstein, describe as the jewel at the pulse of Europe, is the only one of two principalities left where the prince still lives in his castle up at the top of the hill. (insert photo) Its 34,600 inhabitants claim that you have to take a bit of time to get to know the 160 sq km gem as its small size has nothing to do with numbers. If you happen to visit the place, plan for a short trip (20 minutes) to Austria.

Upon reaching the IV Centre for Dental Education in Schaan, the training already started so I only had time to quickly change of my clothes and joined the group straight away just in time for the first topic. Oh well, it was a long story --- My Singaporean boss made a mistake in booking my air ticket and that was the reason I travelled alone. I’m supposed to travel with my Thai and Vietnamese colleagues. My Swiss boss was very worried but thanks God I made it in one piece.

As anticipated, the training was monotonous and my mind was preoccupied by the sceneries outside that I have yet to discover... can't wait to explore Schaan! Click here and explore the place with me. :)



  1. And you get to see Switzerland after such a long trip! Beautiful photos Cher!

  2. one hour indeed would seem very short if you are enjoying the spectacular scenery Che. love how happy you look in the picture, and i see the excitement too.

  3. your photo up there with your sweet smile shows your real angelic beauty! I will never get tired of your Switzerland photos....wish I were with you :-)

  4. Sounds like a great chance to visit Switzerland -- one of my favorite places! Hope you have a great weekend, Cher!


  5. What an exciting time that had to be, and to travel that distance alone! WOW!

  6. ooh! your swiss trip made me wish i could see it for myself! ^0^
    it's beautiful indeed!
    i think switzerland is "somewhat" safer than other places for a solo traveler.
    glad you made it. ^0^