When Water is Thicker Than Blood

Father's Day 2009

Long before I decided to annul my first marriage with Kyla’s biological father, my greatest fear was failing to give my precious little girl a normal family life with the presence of a dad and a mom in her daily life. But considering the fact that Mr X deprived my GOD-given angel from living a normal life, there’s no point hanging on to a thin thread of hope. And so, with my eyes shut tightly I prayed: “Lord, please forgive me for breaking my marriage vows. I surrender YOU all my worries and concerns for my beloved child. I did my best to save my family from being broken but to no avail. SO HELP ME GOD.”

Never in my wildest dreams that GOD will give my child a DAD in every sense of the word. When I opened my doors to Mond, he has shown fondness and unconditional love to Kyla which made me fall for him even more. My girl being destitute from her biological father’s presence and affection; instantaneously established profound attachment to her GOD-given father. Until this very moment I still wonder how water can be thicker than blood at some point in time.

You might be surprised to know that Kyla is very much aware that Mond is not her biological father. Nevertheless, she insists that Mond is not her step-dad. When I asked her why, her reply was: “Because daddy is a very good daddy. Do you know that “steps” are bad like the step-mother in fairy tale stories you read to me? Daddy is not bad, my step-dad is my Papa because he never took care of us like the way daddy does.” I was stunned by her response. Nobody taught her to say such thing.

“Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.” ~ Author Unknown

Here's a salute to the best dads in the world! Happy Faher's Day!

This is a re-post from my extinct friendster blog. Below are friend's comments that touched my heart.

"He might not be your daughter’s father, but he has already given her and you a great gift –his love for you both. The fact that Kyla is not his daughter makes Mond a thousand times more man than the father of your daughter!"

 "It is so fortunate that he and Kyla have met through you… you have not only found Mond. He has found Kyla and Kyla has found him… it was meant to be! You all are so lucky to come together as a family, wonderful blessing to each other!"


  1. Each time I read how God blessed you and Kyla with Mond, it brings me to have misty eyes of happiness and inspiration Che. your story is that of bravery, of a mom's unconditional love, of longing to have a family, and God heard the prayers deep in your heart, and thus blessed you with a very loving man who will not only love you but also Kyla. Che, there are many moms who have suffered the same fate as what you had with your ex, but not too many were able to get out of the rut because they were afraid of what people may say, I salute you, for taking that brave step, to only be led by what is in your prayerful heart. God bless you always, and happy Father's day to Mond.

  2. I have heard that quote too - Any man can be a father but it takes a special man to be a dad. My children had a father, not a dad. It is rare that you can be blessed with a man who truly cares. I am so glad you and your daughter were and know that Mond is richly blessed because he cares. Blessings

  3. I'm not sure if my comment made it twinzy so I'm posting it again hehe :-)
    Happy Father's Day to "Mondabest" ...he is definitely one of a kind and I believe you deserve to have each other because you are both such beautiful souls! May God continually bless you. Love you always dearest twinzy :-)

    ...I have to add...that photo of Kyla and Mond is so inspiring and what I'd call "picture perfect"...

  4. okay, now you're getting me teary eyed on your post.
    seriously! ^-^
    I was touched by lil Kyla's response.

    you don't need to share this with us but you did
    and i think that it's made us (readers)
    realized how blessed we are in life.
    God works in mysterious ways,
    He has his reasons and it's always for the best.