Landscape/Nature Photography Spot in Singapore: Chinese Garden

I've been living in Singapore since 2005 but I only started going to different places in 2010 after hubby bought me Canon EOS 550D. All thanks to my photography hobby, it led me to discover countless beautiful places in Singapore. Back then, the only place we frequent into is Sentosa Island. Not that we ever got bored going to Asia's Favourite Playground but I wanted to discover and er, photograph places that we've never been to. So whenever hubby ask me where I want to go on weekends, my reply has been consistent: "Can we go somewhere we've never been to?" Haha! The wonders of being a photo enthusiast! 

So today, let me show you the charms of the Chinese Garden. We've only been there once during CNY last year but I highly recommend the place to both professional and amateur photographers. There are lots of scenery, interesting architecture, flora and fauna waiting to be exposed.

Here are some of my favourite shots in Chinese Garden:

Chinese Garden | Singapore
Chinese Garden | Singapore
Pagoda Twins | Chinese Garden 
'Pai Hung Ch'iao' Bridge | Chinese Garden 
Lizard | Chinese Garden 
Peach Hibiscus | Chinese Garden
King Fisher | Chinese Garden
Chinese Garden | Singapore
Turtle | Chinese Garden
Ferns and Pink Snail Egg (? ) on the background | Chinese Garden
Can someone help me ID this cute bird? | Chinese Garden
Not enticing enough? Click here to see the main attractions of the Chinese Garden.


  1. Gorgeous captures of the Chinese Garden, Cher!! So colorful and so beautiful! I would love to visit there! And a delightful photo of your daughter as well! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  2. oh, all so beautiful Che, can't choose a favorite, but of course, I like the most Kyla's smile showing her happiness on being there with you, and the reflection shot is awesome too

  3. When you find no more places of interest, come over to Malaysia.

  4. oh! i had a bad memory about this garden.
    we were off to a good start that morning,
    and manage an almost 30-40 minute ride ( via metro) from city hall.
    when we got there, we were told that we can't get a free entrance because it;s
    supposed to be the hello kitty day! ^0^
    i was so pissed that instead of giving in and buying a 10 sg doll ticket to get inside,
    i refused and ended up taking pictures outside its vicinity.
    we don't know how to take the bus,
    so we had to walk all the way up to the metro again.!
    under the scorching heat of the sun.
    haha! call me stubborn and filled with pride. ^0^
    glad you gave us a quick tour inside.
    it's beautiful, and what i like the most is that it doesn't look crowded,
    so one can really enjoy the scenic view,
    it does transport you back from China. ^0^
    love the reflections too!

  5. What a magnificent place! I feel as if I've just been on a holiday, seeing all your gorgeous scenery!