Chewy Junior

 A Boxfull of Chewy Junior Happiness
Hubby brought home a box of Chewy Junior cream puff the other day. I felt nostalgic. It reminded me of my days at ToofDoctor in Tanjong Pagar. It is ToofDoctor's clinic manager's favourite and she got us involved in her Chewy Junior love affair.

Clockwise from top left: Tiramisu Deluxe, Bluberry Cheese, Butter Scotch Crunch and Chocolate Almond Crunch
Chewy Junior lives up to its name, it's really chewy and yummy. Just make sure you eat 'em fresh or else they become rubbery than chewy. I am sure You Gonna Love It! My all-time favourite is the Blueberry Cheese.

You can find Chewy Junior in selected countries of Asia, London and Qatar.
Visit for tempting gastronomic delights.


  1. wish I can have a taste, Che, they do look very inviting.

  2. But I prefer Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee, Assam Laksa....

    ** Grin **

  3. aw! to satisfy the sweet cravings,
    tastier than beard papa? ^0^