Crepe Suzette Recipe (Lawry's Style)

As promised, allow me to present you the Lawry's Crepe Suzette!

Crepe Suzette by Lawry's
This gastronomic delight was prepared and flambeed on our tableside. My colleague asked if she can take a video of the whole process and the chef agreed without thinking twice. 

The process takes more or less 15 minutes. I put into my own words what the Chef did in 10 steps:
Step 1: Heat up the pan and add caster sugar. Wait until its caramelized.
The making of crepe suzette on our tableside. 
Here's the chef at work. My colleague commented he's handsome. Haha! He was a bit of a shy-type though.  
So here's the continuation of the process:
Step #2: Add butter to the caramelized sugar and mix thoroughly.
Step 3: When the butter has completely dissolved and blended with the caramelized sugar, squeeze orange juice (max 3 oranges) and lemon juice (1 lemon) into the pan.
Step #4: Stir the sauce using the squeezed lemon (apparently to prevent creating stirring noise inside the restaurant)
Step #5: Remove the orange and lemon seeds while waiting to thicken the sauce.
Step #6: Add the pre-made crepe, soak into the sauce and heat both sides for 1 minute.
Step #7: Pour the Grand Marnier and Cointreau and light to flambe the crepes for few seconds.
Step #8: Take out the crepes from the pan and prepare in two plates.
Step #9: Add banana, icecream and cherries.
Step #10: Pour the sauce and it's ready to be served.
Voila! Crepe Suzette the Lawry's style! The orange taste is a tad too strong but it was great nonetheless. You can make one at home and make some twist to your liking. It's an eazy breezy lemon squeezy (borrowed words from my 9yr old girl) recipe. Click here for wikihow crepe suzette recipe, the steps I shared were all based on what I watched. 
Happy cooking and eating! Have a delightful weekend. :)


  1. Great photos and videos!
    Have a great day!

  2. twinzy!!!! yeah, he is handsome haha, and hmmmm whoa, that is one delicious thing to eat! You are making dieting more challenging ha wehehehe, happy yah!

  3. You are bad!!

    To have tempted me with this.

  4. you have come up with a very good instructional video on how to do this Che, will make one this weekend. I actually make this often when Khai's niece is here since she not only enjoys watching making flambe but also eats it a lot. The lemon skin also adds aroma and tangy taste to the sauce, hehe, anyway, that's what nanay told me, because she would also do that. I have not tried it with orange though, so, will make this variation :)

    ay yayay, am so excited na to make this. thanks Che for sharing.

  5. Oh so thats what crepe suzette is! Sounds sooo yummy!

  6. Oh, so yummy!

    Visiting for FTF- hope you can stop by..

  7. oooh! very very classy! and yummy, am sure! enjoyed watching the videos :)

    thanks much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Cher
    enjoy the rest of your week!