Do I Look Like Karen Cheng?

Pre-nuptial photo taken in 2007
As my regular readers know, I work in a specialist clinic. About a month ago, a patient from Thailand approached me while I am busy doing my paperworks. "I'm sorry to disturb you but I can't help myself but to let you know you look like Karen Cheng, the fashion blogger", she said smiling at me. "Oh, really? Thanks! You mind giving me her blog address?", I replied excitedly. Of course, the patient was more than happy to give it to me. Came lunchtime, I checked Karen's blog and was inspired by her life stories. It turned out she's more than just (no pun intended) a fashion blogger. Pay her a visit and you'll know what I mean. She is now one of my few blogger inspirations.

Now the question is, did I see any similarity with her? Hmmmn, a little. Because she's super slim, fit, and beautiful I had to post the photo above taken in 2007 when I look my best (slim and dolled up). No, I don't have a solo picture so the poor hubby had to tag along. LOL! On the day the patient approached me, I wasn't wearing any make-up. Perhaps it's my dimples that made her distinguish that I am Karen Cheng look-a-like. It's a pleasure and honor to "meet" Karen through a stranger. I am now her stalker. I support her ride to conquer cancer, I hope you will too.


  1. psssttt hey yeah, there is a resemblance....pretty pretty some of her posts....inspired by her blog too! :-)

  2. This is how you were in 2007.

    How am I in 2007? Did I look like anybody?

  3. wow, thanks for featuring her Che, I am always inspired to learn about the success of other bloggers. and yes, there is a resemblance, you both have pretty smiles.

  4. wow! you look as beautiful as ever! ^0^
    so, i just had to click Karen's blog just to see what she looks like. ^0^