Birthday Letter and Poem for My Precious Son

July 23, 2012

On the day we found out you were conceived
We were overwhelmed with the enormous blessing we received
The nine months you spent inside my womb
Were filled with love, happiness and miracles

On the day you came into this world
Tears of indescribable joy trickled down my cheeks
As the sweetest smile was carved on my lips
You are undoubtedly THE GRACIOUS GIFT OF GOD my child

On the day I laid my eyes on you
You brought me to cloud nine and seventh heaven
Your eyes, your ears, your lips, your tiny hands and little feet
You were once just a dream and everything felt surreal

On the day you bonded with your big sister
You were showered with so much love and kisses
She was overjoyed and whispered a prayer
Thank you Jesus for giving me a baby brother

On the day daddy held you in his arms
He was beaming with pride and bliss
You completed our dream family of four
We absolutely couldn't ask God for more

To our precious little baby boy,
Words will never be enough to describe how we felt when you were born. You have brought our family so much love and happiness. May God continue to shower you endless blessings and keep you unharmed and free from sickness as always. May you grow  up to be a happy, healthy, and smart baby. We love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love you soooooooooooooooo much! We really love you gazillion times or as your big sister puts it, we love you "dridrillion" times. In other words, our love for you is bigger than life and universe. We can never thank God enough for bringing you into our lives. It's been a wonderFULL year and we are looking forward to infinite days of blissful and blessed life with you. Happy, happy 1st birthday Gian Carlo!!!
Love and kisses,
Daddy, Mommy, and Ate Kyla


  1. time flies..yet I can still feel the same happiness that I felt the first time I heard of the good news you were going to have a baby boy! yesterday for some reason I felt there was something significant about the date...when I went on line I got the answer haha, so today is a year after precious Gian Carlo was born...with you in praying he stays healthy and grow up to be a great gentleman..hmmm I know you would want him not to grow up too fast haha, enjoy each second watching him get more gorgeous...kisses too to your sweet pretty Kyla who plays the best big sister in the yah twinzy! :-)...can't wait to read the first written poem of Gian haha...

  2. I had been told I couldn't have any children -- I proved them wrong four times and I can so relate to your post for the day! A very Happy Birthday to Gian Carlo! And best wishes to you all!

  3. Happy 1st Birthday, baby Gian ...
    I wish I could send you a hug :)
    May the cuteness of your face grow with age!
    Kisses :)

  4. year old already? Happy happy birthday baby Gian! What a wonderful joy you brought to your family, and theirs to you!

    (I post the deep purple mini bachelor's button on Beyond Zephyr)

  5. oh! i'm speechless and emotional when it comes to this,
    it's indeed a wonderful blessing to you and your family. ^0^
    Happy new beginnings to you dear Gian.

  6. time flies indeed Che, what a beautiful poem you wrote for baby Gian. he is so adorable and indeed a very joyful blessing to all of you. Wish one day I can also have him in my arms even for just a short time and give him hugs and kisses like Teyla does. Happy weekend to you all. Please do get better, will pray for your and Gian's recovery from cold and cough, and that you get over them soon.