How to Lose Weight Naturally After Giving Birth

22nd July 2011, waiting for hubby while registering at Gleneagles Hospital the night before I gave birth 
I have so many friends and acquaintances asking what's my secret for losing weight quite fast after giving birth. My weight went sky high up to 75kg before my boy was delivered via elective CS. I gained a total of 15kg in a span of 9 months before I gave birth on the 23rd of July 2011.

Photo taken 4th February 2012 during Baby Gian's first overseas trip to Indonesia
Almost six months later, I regained my pre-pregnancy weight which is 60kg (not my ideal weight). I did not take any slimming pills, tea or whatsoever. I neither did any rigorous exercise nor acquired any slimming services. I did not go on a crash diet either. 

Photo taken on 30th July 2012 | Weight: 58kg
Truth be told, I lost weight naturally. Please don't hate me but I have my natural physique to be grateful of (I am naturally slim since childhood). The only secrets I can share with you are putting an extra effort and taking a little dose of determination. I took extra effort to climb up and down the stairs (maximum 4 flights) whenever I had the opportunity to do so because I was determined to regain my pre-pregnancy weight.

Going back to work three months post-delivery did a huge help as I was subjected to a lot of walking (my one and only regular exercise) and climbing of stairs (chose it over taking elevators/escalators). I took an extra effort to reduce my carbo intake at the same time though I still indulged in my guilty pleasures (read: dark chocolates, icecream, egg tart, milk tea, sundaes, leche flan, cheesy treats, et. al.) once in a while.

Breastfeeding for four months played a great role in my determination to lose weight too! Effortless on that part as I really enjoyed feeding my boy, too bad he self-weaned way too early (I planned to breastfeed for at least six months). And oh, putting the little boy into sleep (first six months) while swaying and dancing to the tune of a lullaby did wonders too! :)

That's it folks! No major secret. If you are finding it hard to lose weight, fret not. Love yourself no matter what because God loves you just the same. Let's just put a little effort to stay healthy and hmmmmn, sexy. Who says sexy means svelte figure? You can be sexy in your own unique way regardless of your weight. I know I can never be sexy but who cares, hubby finds me beautiful inside and out. *winks*


  1. Your dedication paid off - you look fabulous!

  2. oh, you look so thin and pretty Che.

  3. Hahahahahahaha not fair hahaha I am still looking preggy eleven years after giving birth huhuhuhu and you are very pretty and sexy my dear ♡