Hubby's F1 Singapore Grand Prix Experience

The avid fans of F1 Singapore Grand Prix are creating a buzz once again as September is fast approaching. Hotels around the Marina Bay Street Circuit are gearing up for the much awaited world's only F1 night race.
In fact, Pan Pacific Hotel is currently undergoing an $80m facelift in preparation for the adrenaline-pumping event. Yes, that's how big deal F1 really is ever since its debut in Singapore in 2008. 

Hubby's big boss was a big fan of F1 night race. He treated his subordinates with tickets to F1 in 2010.

Though hubby isn't really ecstatic about car racing, I encouraged him to grab the opportunity to bond with his team and er.., take lots of photos for me to blog. It took me almost two years to post though. Believe me I have so much backlog, my blog is going to survive for a year without me taking new photos. Exaggerated much? Not really. LOL! 

Enjoy hubby's "pasalubong" as much as I did. No, he didn't took photos of the world's best drivers but I find their racing cars handsome anyway so I was more than happy to share them to you. 

Will come back and post more photos later. Yeah, I hear you! I am a great procrastinator. I already pat my own shoulder for being able to at least post this before the F1 2012 kicks off. LOL! I'll be back, promise! Not sure which year though. LOLOL!


  1. lucky Mond, I wanted to shoot car racing before too when we hosted one here, but the price was expensive, so I did not buy, you know, I am good only for freebies :) hehehe!!

    I also have lots of backlogs, I have not shared our airshows here and many more, you are not alone as procrastinator Che, I am with you. are we born with this habit? :)

  2. what is it with men and cars?! ^0^ kidding.
    i wish i could witness the F1 fever and see for myself!
    that vroom and screeching sound must've been exciting.

  3. Looks like an exciting day! Great captures for the day, Cher! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!