Mommy's Wishlist #1: Personal Storage

I badly need something called self storage. Since baby Gian was born, we have accumulated so much baby stuff and I wanted so bad to get rid some of them because our flat is turning into a mess. Nevertheless, the hubby will never agree to let them go.

Mamalove Baby Cot and Side Cushion + Musical Mobile (forgot the brand) 

During one of our bedtime conversations:

Me: Can we give away some of the baby stuff that baby Gian has outgrown?

Hubby: No! (said with firm and finality) What if you get pregnant again? We may need it for baby #3.

Me: Where do I store them then? Our flat is turning like Toys 'R Us and Kiddie Palace branch. 

Hubby: I will search for self storage ideas and help you find a solution to your storage dilemma just to make sure you don't throw them away.

Me: Alright. Do it ASAP! 

Hubby: Sure thing! That's means you agree to have one more baby, right? (insert extremely happy face)

Me: Did I say that? (insert puzzled and innocent face)

Just to give you an idea how much baby stuff we have accumulated, here are some of the countless things I need to keep and store for hubby's dream baby #3 apart from the baby cot, cushion and musical mobile.

1) Fisher Price rocking chair

2) Lucky Baby Rock 'n Roll walker

3) Rubber puzzle mat

4) Infant floating device

5) Another playmat (gift from lady boss)

6) Toy stroller barrier

7) Sesame Street play gym

8) Strollers

9) Lucky Baby Dip 'n Fold bath tub

10) Baby Sleeper

11) Mamalove baby carrier

12) Another play gym

The list can go as loooooong as you can imagine. I have not included baby mattress, playpen, etc, etc. I am crossing my fingers hubby will find a good personal storage where we can conveniently lock and store our baby stuff very soon.



  1. baby Gian is getting cuter and more adorable each day, good luck with finding a storage Che, and having baby number 3, so excited for you 4 :)

  2. Gian is a big boy now. You do need a bigger storage for all his stuff and I bet for Kyla's too.

  3. Ah, we do collect a lot of "stuff" with each child!! Finding a place to put all of it for "the next one" is never easy! Hope you and your family have a great weekend, Cher!


  4. haha! there's just tons of them. ^0^
    i hope you'd find a good bodega soon,
    and i was just watching storage wars from bio channel the other day. ^-^

  5. I think you can start a baby gear rental business! :)

  6. This is why I prefer to rent baby equipment instead of buying them.

  7. A lot of cool baby stuff! Love them

  8. I can turn them into a rental business!

  9. I know what you mean about accumulation! I am indeed need to find a way to store all the stuffs from growing kids too.

  10. oh, the gadgets are bluetiful! and baby Gian is soooooo cuuuuttteeeeee time flies, he was just an ultrasound photo months ago and a bulge in your tummy for your primary photo....kisses to your gorgeous angel!!! right where his dimples are :-)