My Mediterranean Cruise Dream

Santorini sunset is just one the many wonderful things you see on a mediterranean cruise. If the hubby wins lottery one of these days, I will have to be quick in catching my elusive dream cruise.

Sunset in Santorini | Free Google Image
Santorini, Greece is well known to tourists for its romantic sunset, among many other things the fantastic place has to offer. If you've been reading my blog, you'll know I am crazy about sunsets even with the not-so-stunning ones. What more when it's described as romantic? 

I've read from a friend's travel blog entry that she has to squeeze in with too many sunset lovers and photographers at the edge of a cliff to get a glimpse and to capture the stunning-beyond-words sunset when they visited Santorini. If I were her, I will surely do the same. I can conquer the world in the name of sunset. I will do anything for it just as I will do anything for my children. Ok, I exaggerate but you get the point. Haha!

Back to my dream cruise, let me dig deeper about Santorini.

According to Santorini Tourism, apart from the romantic sunset, Santorini is also famous for its breathtaking caldera and the volcano. There is no doubt it is considered one of the top places to visit in the world. Perched on the edge of steep cliffs, the picturesque villages of Santorini offers a great view to the Aegean Sea and the submerged volcano. 

I was daydreaming of Santorini while typing the descriptions above and it lead me to write a note for the hubby that reads;

Dear Hubbylove,
Our 5th anniversary is fast approaching. Can you buy lottery tickets more often than once a month? I really wish to go on a Mediterranean cruise and explore the bustling and magical Greek islands like Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes. You still owe me a honeymoon remember?
Hugs and kisses,

If you do strike the first prize in lottery one of these days, I will buy you a magic pill to make your fear of traveling in waters vanish in a flash before booking a mediterranean cruise package for our superbelated honeymoon. Who knows, your dream of baby #3 will become a reality? ;)

Note to readers:
Feel free to laugh out loud all you want. I love you just the same. :)


  1. who would not want to there? such a lovely place, Che.

  2. hahahahahaha yeah praying with you twinzy for the 3rd baby haha, wow...being another sunset lover I have to admit I am getting super dreamy here!!!!!

  3. lol, i hope your dear hubby has read your blog. ^0^
    oh my! love santorini since forever!
    i hope my feet can lead me there sometime
    and i hope you will too! ^0^

    btw,have you watched the sisterhood of the travelling pants II ?
    Greece was its setting. ^0^

  4. I've dreamed for decades about traveling to Greece. I hope your dream comes true!

  5. P.S., I forgot to mention what a gorgeous sunset that is!