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Here's the $10 loot I got from Rubi *Clockwise from top left: sunglasses, headband, earrings, coin necklace and cross friendship band.

Rubi Accessories | The Great Singapore Sale
I am finally bitten by the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) after 7 years of living in Singapore. Self-confessed cheapskate that I am, I don't really mind using cheap accessories. (If you ever see me wearing branded goods, they are either a gift, bought at huge discount or from a thrift store.) As fashionistas under a tight budget would say; nasa pagdadala lang yan. I am not claiming I am a fashionista though but I am definitely a shopper under tight budget. Feel free to call me budget mommy. ;)

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  1. wow,for $10, you got a lot Che. My late mom would always tell us, don't let the brand of the clothes carry you, you carry the clothes. and i know you carry your wardrobe so well.