Singapore Youth Festival 2012

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Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2012 | Aspirations
Hubby and I attended the SYF Choral Presentation 2012. The event was held at Singapore Conference Hall last Friday, 20th of July 2012 from 7:30pm to 10pm. 

Singapore Conference Hall
We were there to give moral support and boost Kyla's self-confidence. It was also a proud parents' moment for us. Our musically inclined bubbly girl is soaring high. Her school choir, The Changkat Choir, was invited to perform because they achieved Gold with Honours during the SYF Central Judging of Choirs this year. 

Concord Primary School Choir
First to perform was the Concorde Primary School Choir. They sang The Rainbow, Tenma and Disney Medley. The Disney Medley was very entertaining. 

Changkat Primary School Choir
Second performance was from Kyla's school, CKPS Choir. They sang Winds, Gymnasium and Humpty Dumpty. Need I say Humpty Dumpty was my favourite? I love lively and happy songs! I enjoyed watching my girl sing and dance. My eyes was fixed on her all throughout their performance.

Canberra Primary School Choir
CPS Choir sang Can You Hear Me?, a Chinese song, and Doctor Jazz. I remember being fascinated with the conductor as he danced along with the children when they sang Doctor Jazz. 

Nanyang Primary School Choir
NPS Choir sang Sing a Song of Sixpence, Celebrate This Difference, and Jasmine Flower. Another great performance.

Datu Ratna Haji Muhammad Jaafar Kiarong Primary School Choir
They are the special guests from Brunei. They sang Senyumlah Senyum (I google translated and found out it meant Smile) and Enjoying our Time (a song about the friendship between Singapore and Brunei). Just a little trivia and out of topic; Singapore and Brunei share the same currency.

Nan Hua Primary School Choir
NHP Choir sang The Goslings, Sanzi Jing, and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Whew! That word was a mouthful but the song was equally entertaining.

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School Choir
PLMGS Choir sang Swallow, Mr Moon and A Puppet's Dream. Hubby commented they are one of the best. 

SYF Choral Presentation Combined Choir
As a finale, all the school choirs who performed joined altogether to sing Music Comes and the SYF Theme Song "Live Our Story". 

Kyla with Jermaine Leong
They had Jermaine Leong as a guest, a Pinoy (I stand corrected) Singapore Pride who made a name in the music industry. According to, Jermaine is a wonderful, awesome, popular, nice, attractive, breathtaking star that works in Channel 5, Channel 8 and Okto. No wonder Kyla likes her so much. When she told me, "Jermaine Leong is going to be there mommy!" I was like, "who's Jermaine?" and Kyla retorted, "you don't know her?". Talk about generation gap. I am a self-proclaimed oldie. LOL!

Kyla and her bestfriend, Fantasia
The highlight of the night (apart from Kyla's Choir performance) was meeting Kyla's bestfriend and her parents. They are very humble Chinese Singaporeans who lives opposite our block. When I told Fantasia's mom that Kyla talks about Fantasia all the time, she said Fantasia also talks about Kyla all the time. I wish for their great friendship to lasts until they grow old and grey. 

Kyla and her only Filipina classmate, Myrene
We also met Myrene and her parents. Unlike Kyla who only came to live in Singapore when she was 6, Myrene was born and raised in Singapore. They recently did a presentation together about The Philippines. 

It was a nice evening of musical extravaganza. Thanks to CKPS for giving us the complimentary tickets!


  1. oh! must've been a gr8 concert! ^0^
    i wish you could've recorded a piece of Kyla's performance. ^0^
    haha! tell her she looks like a grown up, so adorable in her outfit.
    and yes, 'like you , i don't know who's Jermaine either.
    i only know a few actors and not sure what their names are either. ^0^
    ps: nice of you to post Kyla's dear friends.

  2. I share with you the joy and pride as a parent to see Kyla perform. My daughter, Kelly, is also part of the Changkat choir. Lovely pictures. You document it so well.


  3. Jermaine Leong is a Filipino? :O

  4. Hi,just to clarify Jermaine is a born and bred,true blue Singaporean!!!I have no idea why people think she is Filipino just because she can sing!!!Btw I know for sure cause I m her mum!!!Hope you don't mind me clarifying!!!Cheers:)

    1. Hi Lilian, i have posted an erratum post here:

      Thank you so much for your kind understanding.

  5. @ Anonymous, I stand corrected. Jermaine is a true blue Singaporean.

  6. @ Lilian, thank you so much for clarifying. Cheers! :)