Costa del Sol Holidays

Like a fellow Filipino blogger said, even if you have done your part to reach out and help..., it is hard to sleep peacefully knowing there are many people who suffered and are still suffering from the aftermath of the deadly torrential rains in the Philippines. "The most we can do now is pray", she tweeted. On that heavy note, dear friends and strangers around the globe.., please #PrayforthePilippines and its people. 

On a lighter note, thanks and praises be to God that Mr Sun is now keeping the Filipinos warm. Although I love when it rains once in a while, I am a true blue lover of sunny days. Mr Sun always make me dream to be on a beach cabana, reading my favourite book while watching the kids having a great time building sandcastles or splashing in the water. 

Marbella Beach, Costa del Sol | Photo by DAVID ILIFF License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
Having said that, I am presently daydreaming and wishing for a cheap Costa del Sol holidays as I'm typing this blog entry. Costa del Sol has to be a beach lovers' paradise. Literally translated as Coast of the Sun, it absolutely lives up to its name as everyone can expect to be greeted by smiling Mr Sun 325 days a year. It is not surprising to know that there are countless of tourists from Europe and around the globe who flock to the glorious and warm waters of Costa del Sol beaches.

According to Wikipedia, historically Costa del Sol's population lived in the fishing villages, and in the "white" villages a little distance inland, in the mountains running down to the coast. The area was discovered and developed to meet the demands of international tourism in the 1950's and has since been a popular destination for foreign tourists not only for its beaches but also for its local culture. The area is particularly famous for its towns like Marbella , which provides the Costa del Sol with its reputation for being a playground for its super-rich and famous visitors.

Back to reality, Kyla asked me last night if there's  a beach in HongKong. Her question warmed my heart because even though we will be in HongKong to experience Disneyland next weekend, she is actually thinking of spending a time in a beach too. My family's life is without a doubt a BEACH. What's yours? :D


  1. ;ife is definitely a beach for me too :) arms and legs so tired right now from swimming and boogie boarding, yet, excited for tomorrow again :) saw a lot of fishes today :) have fun in your vacation Che, and yes, life is so exciting with the beach :)

  2. So sorry to hear of the tragic weather. We have had a very rainy day today, gratefully so, as it has been dry, very dry. I have many bare patches in my lawn though I water it briefly each day. We pay for water, so I water it too much I may be unable to pay some other bills to pay the water bill. lol But I do not want to complain. We are safe and I pray for the safety of those in the Philippines.

  3. i wish you're here in the Phils. for the weekend,
    we have one of the best beaches but too bad for tourism,
    still lots of beaches that needs to be explored.
    if you're in H,K though,
    better head at Stanley beach, nice waves and cool atmosphere.
    but i guess you know that by now. ^0^

    on another note,
    the Habagat phenomenon has been compared to Ondoy.
    i just wish we never have to experience this again,
    we did learn a lot from this experience (again!).
    and yes, just when things seem impossible,
    the only good thing is to have faith in God and pray harder.